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Treatment Number of Treatments Price
Acne Consultation
Salicylic Peel - 1 Treatment 1 Treatment
Salicylic Peel - 6 Treatments 6 Treatments
£663.00 £530.00
Pyruvic Peel - 1 Treatment 1 Treatment
Pyruvic Peel - 6 Treatments 6 Treatments
£740.00 £592.00
Isolaz - 1 Treatment 1 Treatment
Isolaz - 6 Treatments 6 Treatments
£842.00 £674.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acne Explained

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You may be suffering with a condition which is more severe than the more common types of acne listed above. A nurse or doctor will work with you to determine your condition and help you achieve the results you require based on a variety of different treatments available.

How Many Spots Is Classed As Acne?

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If you have around 30 or more blemishes on your face at one time, you might have acne. However, if the blemishes are more severe cysts or nodules, you may be categorised as having acne with fewer than 30 or so blemishes.

Preventing Acne

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Acne prevention can include many things from natural remedies you can try at home, to a more specialised course of treatments.

Why Does Pcos Cause Acne?

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The hormonal imbalance associated with PCOS can have an impact on the skin’s appearance. Many people suffer from excess oil, which can lead to congestion in the skin resulting in breakouts and acne. This can, in turn, lead to painful nodules and even scarring.

Why Do Blackheads Come Back So Quickly?

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Oil is being produced constantly on your face, as a result pores can become clogged and blackheads reappear quickly.

What Food Is Good To Eat To Prevent Acne?

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Some skin-friendly food choices include: Whole grains, Legumes, Unprocessed fruits like apricots, blueberries, tomatoes and red grapes. Unprocessed vegetables like carrots, avocado, sweet potato, beetroot, spinach and other dark green and leafy vegetables, Food containing mineral zinc, vitamins A and E and chemicals called antioxidants. Quinoa, Turkey, Fish, Oat milk, Pumpkin seeds

Is Acne Caused By Poor Hygiene?

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Poor hygiene doesn’t cause acne, however cleansing your skin daily and exfoliating weekly can help prevent pores from becoming clogged.

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