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Why choose sk:n for Acne Treatments?

  • With over 20 years experience, we are the UK's leading clinics for Acne treatments.
  • Our experienced experts have been treating acne scarring for more than 20 years, helping to boost the confidence of hundreds of clients.
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"After the first treatment I noticed the difference and so did my friends. They commented on my 'gorgeous skin' many of them said I looked younger! I’m so much more confident now, I feel great!"

Rabina Begum

Laser acne treatment Imagine the confidence you'd feel if you could be free of acne forever. Our acne treatment experts are on hand to deliver the smooth skin you've always wanted. Regardless of age, acne can be a something that can stay with you long into adulthood.

Isolaz® uses high-tech laser treatment combined with pore-purifying technology; skin is purified from the inside and out, leaving your complexion clearer for longer.

This safe and simple procedure of acne treatment is pain-free and carried out by one of our skincare experts at any one of our modern clinics nationwide.


How many treatments will I need?
The exact number of treatments needed varies according to the type and severity of acne. During your free sk:n acne consultation, our expert practitioner will discuss a complete plan with you to suit your needs and finances. On average, six treatments every seven to 14 days are initially needed to get excellent results. After this, your practitioner will discuss a maintenance plan.
What results will I see?
We can't cure acne, but we can dramatically reduce the symptoms. By following our treatment plan, you will see a significant improvement in your acne. In your sk:n acne consultation, your doctor or nurse / specialist practitioner will discuss your specific condition and the results you can expect to see. 
Is acne contagious?

Acne cannot be transferred by touch or droplet infection from one person to another. However, overly touching your face can cause grime to spread, which can be an aggravating factor as it causes congestion.

Is acne caused by food?
There is conflicting research regarding the relationship between diet and acne. Individual foods cannot cause acne; however lack of good nutrition will reduce the skin’s capacity to fight infection and heal itself. Low levels of antioxidants allow free radical formation, which can further damage the skin tissue. Low levels of Free Fatty Acids, particularly Linoleic Acid, will reduce the skin’s natural barrier defences and acid mantle. So it's a good idea to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take Vitamin C and Zinc supplements to increase the skin’s healing capacity and defences against infection.
Is acne caused by too many hormones?
Whilst levels of androgen hormones do show fluctuations in most types of acne, it is sensitivity to rather than presence of them that causes the condition. Specifically, it is sensitivity to the hormone derivative of testosterone – dihydrotestosterone, known as DHT - that triggers the condition.

Is acne caused by poor hygiene?
Absolutely not. Acne is a systemically caused inflammatory condition and is not due to an individual being unclean. A good skincare regime is however important to remove surface grime, make-up and dead skin cells, which cause skin congestion. In fact, being too clean can actually aggravate acne. An overly harsh cleansing regime will trigger further oil production, cause dehydration and disturb the vital acid balance and barrier function of the skin against infection. Our range of market-leading, clinically proven products are the ideal solution. Click here to view our Anti-Blemish range and follow our plan for clear skin.
Where on my body could I have acne?

Acne is most common on the face, but can also appear on the back, chest and shoulders. Acne across the shoulders is a particular indicator that treatment is required.

Acne Body Areas
Why do I have acne?
Typically, you will be one of the billions of people worldwide suffering from acne because of sensitivity to a particular group of hormones. Although it is worth checking your symptoms against our Nine Types of Acne list. Unfortunately when levels of these hormones fluctuate, our skin cells can react in a panic. Their aim is to stop the surface of the skin from drying out, as dry, cracked skin will let in infections. So they overproduce oil, which is the catalyst for spots and acne.
How does acne treatment work?
Our celebrated Acne treatments offer you a package of highly effective home care products, including glycolic acid, to tackle excess oil production. This is combined with a course of eight microdermabrasion treatments, to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores using micro-crystals.
How will I feel during acne treatment?
All our acne-clearing products are safe and comfortable to use, and microdermabrasion generally causes little or no discomfort.
Is acne treatment right for me?
Most cases of acne respond well to our six-week treatment regime. Your sk:n specialist will discuss the effects of your treatment with you.
What happens after acne treatment?
Within a few weeks, you will start to see real and exciting results. As your acne fades, your new skin will look smoother and clearer.

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