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Warts are benign (non-cancerous) skin growths, most commonly found on the hands and feet. They are caused by viruses (there are around 60 known wart-causing viruses in existence). Warts are highly contagious as the affected skin cells release the viruses, so hygiene is of the utmost importance if you are affected.

Warts can be contracted by physical contact or indirect contact with a contaminated object, e.g. hand towel or work surface. After you have been infected, it can take weeks or months for the wart to appear on your skin. They tend to affect humans from the age of three and up, with the biggest proportion affecting 16-18 year-olds.
Warts commonly appear on the fingers and around fingernails. They often have a cauliflower-like appearance, but this depends on the type of wart. Typical types of wart are: common, plane, mosaic, plantar (verrucae), filiform and periungual.
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Veruccae only tend to appear on the feet. They are flat and thick in appearance, hard around the edge and have a small black dot in the centre. Often, they feel sore when touched or stood upon. Verrucae are highly contagious and are frequently passed on via swimming pools due to people walking barefoot.
Whilst the majority of warts and verrucae will go away by themselves given time, they may leave marks behind and re-infections can occur. If you are suffering with a wart or verruca, sk:n offers a safe, effective treatment that will remove the offending object and restore soft and flawless skin. Laser treatment is the most common removal method and targets only the wart, not the surrounding area.
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"I am so happy with the results and couldn’t have asked for more. All of the staff were lovely and very professional, putting me at ease. "

- Helen Duncan

Warts and Verrucae FAQs

How does warts and verrucae removal work?

The wart removal treatment at sk:n uses a Pulsed Dye laser to target and destroy it without damaging the healthy skin around it. The laser cuts off the blood supply to the wart, thus safely taking the wart out of the picture.

How will I feel during warts and verrucae removal?

Although you may feel some mild discomfort, the laser does not generally cause any pain. Sometimes, patients with sensitive skin benefit from the use of anaesthetic cream to numb the area during treatment.

Is warts and verrucae removal the right treatment for me?

Even if your warts have failed to respond to other treatments in the past, you are very likely to enjoy great results with laser wart removal. Particularly stubborn warts may require 5 or more treatments, but it is very rare that a wart refuses to budge completely.

What happens after warts and verrucae removal?

Complications are not expected; you can continue with your normal routine, including bathing normally. You might notice some darkening of the skin where the wart used to be, but this is temporary.

Wart/Verruca Removal Consultation Prices








*including Dermatologists, Plastic Doctors and General Practitioners with Special Interests

Wart/Verruca Removal Treatment Prices

Excision removal from   £140
Laser removal from   £140
Cryotherapy from   £140

Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.


Talk to a friendly sk:n adviser