acne mechanica

Acne mechanica
Causes, symptoms and treatment

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At-home treatments for Acne mechanica

In most cases, Acne mechanica can be treated using at-home topical treatments. Choosing the right creams, serums and face washes is critical to building a strong skincare regime and relieve the symptoms of Acne mechanica. Use a gentle face wash before applying any topical acne treatments to cleanse the skin without causing further irritation.

Products formulated with acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, AHAs and BHAs are especially effective in clearing up the skin. These are known to kill the bacteria and exfoliate the pore-blocking oil and dead skin cells. Topical vitamins such as retinoids and niacinamide are proven to promote cell turnover and reduce inflammation.

You can find a selection of dermatologist-approved acne skincare treatments here.

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When to see a dermatologist

If you have Acne mechanica that doesn’t respond to standard at-home treatments, it’s time to see your doctor. Sometimes, Acne mechanica may just be the first layer to a more persistent type of acne, such as Acne vulgaris, Rosacea or PCOS.

Your dermatologist will place an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right medications along with appropriate acne treatment courses.

Oral antibiotics may be prescribed for Acne mechanica, if bacteria is found present. You can discuss more about acne medication with your doctor.


If you are at risk of developing Acne Mechanica, or have started noticing new breakouts, here are some best practices to prevent it:

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and accessories.
  • Don’t keep your sports gear or medical equipment on longer than needed.
  • Avoid rubbing or tugging at your skin
  • Take regular breaks from long, repetitive activities
  • Take up a diligent skincare routine

Acne treatment at sk:n

At sk:n, we treat 4,500 acne sufferers every year and know how much distress acne brings.

Regardless of the severity of your condition, we can help clients with all types of acne by providing bespoke solutions to suit their skin.

We have the largest network of expert doctors who are able to recommend highly effective treatments and products, as well as prescribe the right medication required.

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At sk:n, we have a range of acne treatments designed to help you get the skin you want.

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