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The prices shown are starting prices and exact price will be confirmed in consultation where treatment options, suitability and cost will be discussed.

Save 20% by booking a course of 3 treatments

  • Minor Area from £268 per treatment
  • Intermediate Area from £324 per treatment
  • Major Area from £380 per treatment

We offer a nationwide service for birthmark removal including:-

Bristol, Epsom, Southampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Esher, Guildford, Brighton, Chelmsford

Doctor Consultations
Treatment Single
Treatment From
Course of 3
Price per Treatment From
Minor Skin Area (5cm x 5cm) £335.00
£335.00 £268.00
Intermediate Skin Area (10cm x 10cm) £405.00
£405.00 £324.00
Major Skin Area (Larger than 10cm) £475.00
£475.00 £380.00

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Which birthmark removal is right for you?

The laser we use for your treatment depends upon the type and colour of birthmark you have and this will be confirmed at your consultation.

If you have a Vascular birthmarks, we will use a Pulse Dye Laser, which works by emitting a beam of laser light to heat up the faulty blood vessels that form the birthmark. This causes the blood vessels to collapse and stop blood from flowing into the area, which fades the birthmark.

A laser called a ND Yag Laser is used for Pigmented birthmarks. The energy emitted by the laser beam breaks down the cluster of built-up pigment cells into tiny fragments, which are then taken away naturally by the body’s immune system, causing the birthmark to fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have A Birthmark Removed Anywhere On My Body?

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Birthmark Removal treatment is suitable and safe on any area of the body or face. Extra caution is needed when treating birthmarks on the skin around the eye area. Your suitability for treatment will be assessed at your consultation.

Does Birthmark Removal Hurt?

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In more sensitive areas, Birthmark Removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band. The slight stinging sensation can be eased by applying a local anaesthetic cream. You may experience some redness and bruising in the area following treatment, but once this subsides you will see a permanent fading of your birthmark.

How Many Treatments Will I Need To Remove My Birthmark And How Often?

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You will typically need about four to six laser treatments, although this can vary from birthmark to birthmark, some needing more or less than others. Treatments should be carried out six to eight weeks apart, giving your skin time to heal fully before it is treated again. Your practitioner will discuss your individual treatment needs with you, including expected number of treatments and treatment intervals depending on your type of birthmark.

Is Birthmark Removal For Me?

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Some patients with sensitive skin worry that this will be a problem, but with the use of anaesthetic cream, almost anyone can comfortably undergo laser therapy to remove unwanted birthmarks.

Is Birthmark Removal Safe?

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Absolutely. The laser energy is selectively targeted to the faulty blood vessels or built-up pigment cells only, meaning that surrounding tissues are not affected and there is no lasting damage to the skin. Lasers have been used to remove birthmarks for years. We will ensure that the laser settings are safe and effective for your skin.

What Happens After Removing Birthmarks?

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You may notice some slight temporary bruising or whitening at the area, and this is to be expected as it indicates that the laser is having its lightening effect on the birthmark. This soon fades, and you will notice the birthmark fading along with it. Scarring is not generally a side effect of birthmark removal. 

Do I Need To Be Referred By The Nhs?

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NHS referral is not necessary to undergo treatment at sk:n. With NHS cuts coming into force across the country, more birthmark removal requests are being classified as cosmetic procedures and NHS funding refused. We understand that no matter the size or location of your birthmark, it can still have a major impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

When Is The Best Time To Have Treatment?

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The younger you are when you start treating a birthmark, the more effective treatment will be and the fewer sessions are typically needed. There is also less risk of a birthmark coming back if treated early.

Why Do I Need Multiple Treatments?

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In order for the laser to be used safely on larger birthmarks, we cannot target everything during one treatment. The light energy will be absorbed by some parts more than others and these will be more responsive on your next treatment. For smaller birthmarks, you might need just one treatment.

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