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Are blackheads painful? Plus Icon

Blackheads usually will not cause any pain or discomfort as they are usually not inflamed.

Can blackheads be removed? Plus Icon

Yes, blackheads can be extracted from the skin. Extracting them yourself may not always be the best way as this could result in infection or scarring. We offer many different treatment options which extract or aid the release of blackheads. Those treatments include Isolaz, HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion and Glycolic peels.

Do blackheads smell? Plus Icon

Blackheads can sometimes smell due to the blockage of oil and debris within the follicle.

Does blackhead removal hurt? Plus Icon

The removal of blackheads is virtually painless and there is no need to apply a numbing cream before the procedure.

How can I look after my skin after my treatment? Plus Icon

After your treatment to reduce the production of blackheads it is important to follow the skincare regime recommended by your practitioner. This will aid the results of the treatment to gain the best results possible.

How long do blackheads last for? Plus Icon

Usually once there is congestion causing a blackhead, the blackhead will sit within the skin for a while if a treatment or product is not used to aid the removal. This is why it is important to follow a good skincare regime day and night. Weekly exfoliation, use of professional products or professional treatment will help prevent blackheads from forming.

What do blackheads look like? Plus Icon

Blackheads look like small bumps on the skin which are dark or black in colour. Blackheads may appear dotted over the area or as clusters.

How much will my treatment cost? Plus Icon

Treatments we offer that aid the removal of blackheads at sk:n range from £90 per treatment. The exact costs of your treatment will be confirmed at your consultation once your skin has been thoroughly assessed by a practitioner and the best treatment option suitable for you is advised.

Where are blackheads most commonly produced? Plus Icon

Blackheads are most commonly found in the T- zone including the forehead, cheek, nose and chin areas but can be found anywhere where there is a follicle present on the face and body.

Who can remove blackheads? Plus Icon

Treatments offered at sk:n which aid the removal of blackheads can be carried out by practitioners within a clinical environment. Referral can be made to a dermatologist if necessary.

Will blackheads go away by themselves? Plus Icon

Blackheads may go away naturally on their own, but in most cases will need some form of exfoliation or treatment. Regular exfoliation with a good exfoliating product and use of non comodogenic products can help to prevent blackheads recurring, but will not remove existing blackheads. At sk:n we recommend having blackheads removed in a safe, clinical environment.

Will blackheads leave scars? Plus Icon

Trying to remove blackheads yourself can cause inflammation and scarring. To avoid this, it is advisable to go ahead with a treatment carried out by a practitioner to reduce the risk of scarring the skin and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

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