Laser resurfacing is one of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments available and is known in the industry as being effective in treating stubborn conditions such as acne scarring and deep lines and wrinkles.

Great laser resurfacing results


Laser resurfacing uses a specially crafted beam of thermal energy that gets to work deep into the layers of your skin. Unlike peels or abrasive skin exfoliation, these laser beams of heat precisely target and vaporize damaged skin. By creating injury to the old skin, the body works to create new, tighter skin that has smaller pores and fewer wrinkles and blemishes. Treatment time depends on the condition and the size of the area being treated. Small areas such as an upper lip and chin can take between 20-30 minutes.

Over many years, we have restored thousands of clients' confidence by reducing and removing their acne scarring using laser resurfacing, but it has a wealth of other uses and benefits too. Our experts often use lasers to soften fine lines and wrinkles or to remove dark pigmentation.


At sk:n we offer a variety of  laser resurfacing treatments for specific skin tones and needs. We recognise that everyone's skin is different therefore treatment is tailored to individuals. Using industry leading lasers such as the Erbium YAG, co2, Fraxel and CO2RE a treatment plan will be discussed during a consultation with your dermatologist. 

Why choose sk:n clinics?

Each client receives a detailed consultation with one of our expert doctors or practitioners who comprehensively assesses individual requirements to ensure that everyone receives the very best results. Your personal plan will be based on your specific skin type and needs.
laser resurfacing

Client Quote

"I had deep acne scarring on my cheeks.After visiting sk:n my skin looks smooth and fresh after just one treatment! "

- Tracy M, Norwich

Laser Resurfacing FAQs

Does laser resurfacing hurt?

Prior to treatment, your consultant will numb the area using local anaesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort throughout. Where there is a larger widespread area of scarring to treat, it may be necessary to carry out the treatment under general anaesthetic in a local hospital.

What kind of results should I expect?

Results can begin to appear progressively within a week to ten days as your skin heals naturally and new cells develop. The impressive thing about laser resurfacing is that collagen carries on repairing below the surface for months after your skin has healed and so results will get better and better with time.

Will I need time off work?

You may need to take some time out initially while your skin is healing. Your doctor will advise you on the strength of your treatment during your consultation and whether you need to take a few days off.

"I don’t worry about leaving the house without make-up any more, my scars are gone and my confidence is back!"

Gill J, London


How much does it cost?

    Prices From
Consultation   £150
Half face (local anaesthetic)  


One facial unit (local anaesthetic)   £2,810
Two facial units (local anaesthetic)   £3,490
Two units (general anaesthetic)   £4,620
Follow up session   £790

Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.

* 50% deposit is required.

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