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Frequently asked questions

Is the Mediweight diet plan for weight loss restrictive?

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All weight loss plans can be considered restrictive due to the fact that you are changing the ways you eat.

Though on this diet plan our suggested foods and Mediweight sachets, work to increase metabolic rate and lower blood sugar levels, so you may feel you’re eating a lot more vegetables and fruit than usual. This will help stabilise blood sugar levels and suppress those pesky cravings that can lead to unhealthy food and old habits.

How fast is weight loss for a patient?

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People will lose weight in different ways depending on their personal Mediweight weight reduction experience. You should anticipate losing up to 1 every month, and we do a lot of pre-emptive analysis to discover how much weight a client may drop on a weekly or monthly basis.

Do I need treatments as well as the diet plan?

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Yes. Endermologie treatments are used to increase the efficiency of weight loss in the body and ensure that no loose skin or saggy areas are left behind.

One of the reasons for this therapy is to deal with the problem of fatty deposits beneath the skin that never seem to change no matter how hard you try to lose weight. These difficult spots are usually places of the body where blood has a hard time flowing, causing fat to become calcified to the point where ultrasound waves are required to loosen it up.

What is the ultrasound treatment?

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Our cutting-edge ultrasound weight loss technology can help you lose inches. It heats the fatty tissue by projecting two beams of safe ultrasound technology. The sound waves penetrate 1 to 5cm into your skin’s layers, causing a disruptive vibration that breaks up fat cells and separates them from your dermal layers.

Your lymphatic system collects the dislodged cells, which are then metabolised by your body, which then drains or reabsorbs the surplus fluid formed. This procedure helps to eliminate fat and toxins while also changing cellulite and fatty tissue into smooth, firm skin. Even after the first treatment, you should see a reduction.

What are the ultrasound weight loss risks?

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This ultrasound treatment is very safe because it does not impact the surrounding stronger tissues such as blood vessels, nerves, or muscles. Although side effects are exceedingly uncommon, they will be thoroughly explained during your initial visit. The procedure is painless, and most clients only feel a warm sensation.

What is the endermologie treatment?

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Volume reduction, skin tightening, and cellulite elimination are all targets of Mediweight body contouring procedures.

When the chosen technology is applied to the targeted location, the stubborn cellulite fat cells are broken down while the surrounding connective tissue is strengthened. The fat will be eliminated and excreted by your lymphatic system, much like with ultrasound treatments.

There are no injections or incisions involved in any of the procedures. . You simply lie on a massage table while the treatments are performed during the session. You may feel suction, warmth, or draining sensations as the device glides across your skin; many clients compare it to a deep tissue massage.

Is Mediweight the best weight loss programme for me?

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Mediweight’s suitability for someone is determined by a variety of variables. Before we embark on our journey, we’ll consult with our staff and conduct blood tests to determine the best course of action.

Because this is a one-on-one method to weight loss, each client is evaluated individually. The effectiveness of the end result is determined by a person’s level of eligibility and expected weight loss.

Are there any side effects to Mediweight?

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Mediweight is a non-surgical weight loss procedure with a significantly lower risk profile than conventional weight loss options.

There may be concerns about things like blood pressure with rapid weight loss. Fortunately, the food plan works to keep this under control on a constant basis, reducing the likelihood of high surges and deep lows.

Our clients frequently want in-clinic treatments after completing the Mediweight programme to help keep their skin firm and tight after losing weight.

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