Tear Trough Fillers

Tired of dark circles under your eyes?

Get instantly revived and refreshed appearance with no down time and minimal side effects.

Everything you need to know about Tear Trough Filler treatment.

Exact cost will be confirmed in a free consultation where we will answer questions and advise the best filler for your desired result.

* All Free consultations are subject to a deposit payment from £25 – £50
Treatment Single
Treatment From
Fillers from £250.00
Lip Fillers from £350.00
Tear Troughs from £390.00
Chin Fillers from £350.00
Jawline Contouring from £350.00

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Tear Troughs Your Questions Answered

Are Tear Trough Fillers safe?

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Tear Trough Fillers are completely safe. We ensure that your treatment is carried out by a Doctor or Nurse Prescriber who are fully trained and experienced. sk:n has the highest level of regulation in the industry and we adhere to strict medical standards governed by Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Can you treat crow’s feet with Tear Trough Fillers?

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If you have concerns about crow’s feet, this area may be best treated with Anti-Ageing Injectables. When you have your initial consultation, our Practitioner will talk you through the various options and recommend the right treatment for you.

Do Tear Trough Fillers work with other injectable treatments?

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At sk:n our team of experts can design a treatment plan specifically to meet your requirements. Many of our clients like to combine Tear Trough Dermal Fillers with other Dermal Filler treatments, Lip Fillers and Anti-Ageing Injectables. Your Practitioner will discuss with you the best treatments to achieve the look you desire.

How much do Tear Trough Fillers cost?

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Depending on the amount of product required, prices start at £300 for 1 ml. Your Practitioner will advise how much they think you will need to achieve the desired result.

Do tear trough fillers hurt?

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There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure and a topical anaesthetic can be applied before the treatment if required. Some Dermal Fillers contain a numbing ingredient to make the treatment more comfortable.

What are the side effects and downtime?

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There are minimal side effects, there can be some bruising and swelling which will go down after a couple of days. You can go back to work instantly after having this treatment with no downtime.

How long does the treatment take and will I see instant results?

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You will see instant results and the treatment will take around 20-30 minutes.

How long do they last?

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Depending on the amount of product used, the benefits can last up to 12 months.

What types of fillers do you offer?

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At Sk;n we offer a wide range of fillers, including,  rhinoplasty (non-surgical nose job) Dermal Fillers, Cheek Fillers, Lip Fillers and Tear Trough Fillers.

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