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By Nadine Eden 15th January 2020 Category: Advice

“Tweakments have immense power to transform our confidence as well as our faces.” Confidence? Really?

Yes, because we all know that how we feel about our looks is intrinsic to how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps it shouldn’t be, but it is. For many people, tweakments – whether high-tech facials that tighten the skin or injections of filler to strengthen the jawline – are becoming the logical extension of a regime that starts with skincare, makeup and hair care.”
Alice Hart Davies

Our latest research shows 37 per cent of people would like to feel more confident in their own skin, with wrinkles, facial hair and acne most likely to affect how we feel.

The majority of people admit they are self-conscious about how they look. Over half (51%) of women feel uncomfortable if they leave the house without makeup, while 43% of people don’t speak openly about insecurities surrounding their appearance because they feel embarrassed.

Chapter 1 of the sk:ndex report seeks to find out why tweakments are increasingly popular and how they are inextricably linked to levels of self-confidence and positive self-image. Through the chapter we explore the barriers to having true skin confidence and how to break them down to be empowered in our own skin.

Find out all about the latest best practice in the industry, as well as a guide to all the things you should think about before considering tweakments.

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