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Laser Hair Removal in Newcastle

If you are frustrated with the constant need to wax or shave, then you will be happy to hear that sk:n offer laser hair removal in Newcastle. This treatment is a long term solution to unwanted dark hairs that works by targeting the dark pigment melanin that is present in the hairs. The laser's energy damages the cells at the base of the follicle that are responsible for hair growth, leading to slower hair growth with every treatment.

The procedure is virtually painless, with any discomfort further minimized by the cold air that blows across your skin during the treatment. Laser hair removal cost in Newcastle varies depending on your individual desires, ranging from £40 for a single treatment of a small area to £600 for a single treatment of a full female body. We recommend six to eight treatments for the best results.

Laser hair removal in Newcastle allows you to take in the delights of this wonderful city. The nightlife of Newcastle is internationally recognised, with the Rough Guide naming the Geordie clubs as the best attraction in the UK. You don't have to head to the clubs to enjoy what Newcastle has to offer, the city is full of historic theatres, concert venues, museums and galleries. You might even find yourself booking extra laser hair removal treatments simply to spend more time in this lovely city.

Laser hair removal treatments in Newcastle are conducted under the supervision of Dr Sarah Pape. An accomplished practitioner and educater, she has extensive experience with lasers, teaching on the BTec Skin Lasers and Technology course since it was first established in 2000.


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