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Laser Hair Removal: What You Need To Know

27th April 2018  : 

Waxing, shaving, epilating, sugaring - no matter how you choose to do it, removing unwanted body hair is a time-consuming, uncomfortable and thankless task. And what’s more, it’s only a matter of days (or weeks at the very most) before you have to do it all again.

But for some, hair removal is more than just an unpleasant chore: it’s a necessity. Embarrassing facial hair and thick, dark body hair can cause distress, anxiety and low self-esteem. For these people, waxing and shaving can be an almost daily routine, resulting in sore skin and ingrown hairs.

Surely there’s a better way?

Happily, there is a better way to manage unwanted hair, and it comes in the form of laser hair removal. This innovative treatment uses specialised lasers to target and destroy the hair follicles, permanently reducing hair growth in the treated area. In other words, it provides the same smooth results as waxing or shaving but longer-lasting and, crucially, without the rash, stubble and relentless maintenance.

The facts

Interested in laser hair removal? Here’s eight key facts everyone should know before trying this treatment:

  1. It takes a number of treatment sessions to work.
    Laser hair removal isn’t a quick-fix solution. You need to complete a course of at least 6-8 treatments in order to achieve lasting results. But, once it’s done, you’ll have a lot less hair in the treated area - forever!
  2. You can shave in-between treatments.
    Unlike waxing and some other methods of hair removal, you don’t need to grow your hair out before treatment. In fact, the opposite is true: you’re told to completely shave the area before each treatment session, so that the laser can target the follicle underneath the skin.
  3. Top-up treatments might be necessary.
    To maintain your results, you might need to have a few follow-up treatments to zap away strays and target any regrowth. But even so, the maintenance is still miles better than shaving every couple of days or waxing every few weeks. You could see a permanent reduction in hair of up to 90% if you complete the full course, and any top-ups recommended by your practitioner.
  4. It’s cheaper in the long run.
    In the short-term, it might seem like a lot of money to spend on hair removal; but with every session you have, a little bit more of that pesky hair is gone for good. You’re not fighting a losing battle like you are with shaving or waxing, and you’ll save money - and time - in the long run.
  5. You can remove hair anywhere.
    Laser hair removal is so precise, it can remove hair from pretty much any part of your body. Whether it’s a bit of annoying peach fuzz on your cheeks and upper lip, or the thick, coarse hair on your underarms or bikini line; it can all be removed with this treatment.
  6. It’s suitable for all skin tones, but not all hair colours.
    Laser hair removal is safe to use on all skin tones, from very light, to very dark. However, it’s only suitable for darker hair colours as the laser can’t detect the pigment in white, grey, red or blonde hair. Unsure whether you’d qualify? A practitioner will be able to tell you if your hair colour can be treated, during your free consultation.
  7. You can’t have laser hair removal with a sun tan.
    Suntanned skin isn’t ideal for this treatment because the laser needs to be able to detect the pigment within the hair follicle - and a suntan makes this more difficult. So, if you want beautifully smooth, care-free skin for the summer months, make sure you book in your course of laser hair removal before you’re likely to have a tan.
  8. It’s not just for girls.
    Laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted body hair on both men and women. In fact, it’s particularly effective for men because it’s perfect for targeting hair on large areas of skin such as the chest, back and arms, where shaving can leave uncomfortable stubble. It’s also a popular treatment for transgender people, providing a much more permanent, effective and discreet method of hair removal, for the face and body.
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