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We specialise in facial aesthetics and rejuvenation treatments to combat the signs of ageing, for smoother, enhanced, more radiant skin.

We are the only large aesthetic group in the UK regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We always recommend choosing a highly qualified medical practitioner for injectables, which is what you’ll find in every sk:n clinic across the country.

Medically reviewed June 2023, by Dr Toni Phillips, Group Clinical Director for sk:n.
Next review due June 2024.

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What are anti-ageing injectables?

Anti-ageing injectables refers to a group of cosmetic treatments that are designed to effectively address the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines, lax or sagging skin or loss of volume in the face, jawline or lips. The effects may relax facial muscles, add volume, deeply hydrate and more, for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Injectables are a minimally invasive solution to the signs of ageing and require little to no downtime, making them a popular option for those looking to rejuvenate their appearance.

We always recommend choosing a highly qualified doctor or nurse prescriber for injectables, which is who you will find prescribing injectables in every sk:n clinic across the country.

Our industry-leading safety, training and care protocols mean that all of our injectable treatments are only delivered by compassionate medical professionals and aesthetic experts who are medically regulated, using the world’s leading brand of hyaluronic acid fillers, meaning you can trust us for safe and effective treatment.

By booking a free consultation, you can discuss your expectations and motivations for treatment with a doctor or nurse prescriber in a supportive environment. They’ll examine your skin, discuss your suitability, the treatment options, then you’ll be prescribed the appropriate treatment plan.

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Anti-ageing injectable bundles & packages

The Glow Up


Our Glow Up bundle includes 2 areas of Anti-wrinkle Treatments, 2 areas of dermal filler (Juvederm) and 2 sessions of Profhilo®.

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Lip & Cheek Enhance (3ml)

Subtly enhance the contours of your face, sculpting a youthful and more radiant appearance. Achieve the perfect pout and naturally contoured cheekbones with premium dermal fillers, the perfect duo to rediscover your skin confidence.

Chin & Jawline Define (3ml)

Define your profile with a confidence-enhancing tweakment, subtly creating a harmonious balance and contour of your lower face. Feel naturally sculpted with expert injectors, all using the world’s leading brand of hyaluronic acid facial fillers.

Full Face Rejuvenation (6ml)

The ultimate solution for a refreshed and youthful appearance that will leave you feeling confident. Our platinum package targets multiple areas of the face to address various signs of ageing, strategically enhancing and restoring your natural beauty.

Consultation and anti-ageing injectable treatment

Consultations with an aesthetic doctor or nurse prescriber are free, subject to your appointment being secured against your card . Your treatment plan and the cost will be discussed during your consultation.

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Anti-ageing injectables pricing

For the best treatment plan that works for you, book your free injectables consultation today.

Consultations for injectables with a doctor or nurse prescriber are free at sk:n, subject to a refundable £25 deposit taken to secure your booking. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

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Treatment Single Treatment From
1 area £150.00
Lip filler (0.5ml) £199.00
Lip filler (1ml) £250.00
Dermal filler £250.00
Tear trough filler £350.00
Jawline contouring £250.00
Profhilo £325.00

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Frequently asked questions about anti-ageing injectables

There are many types of injectables, all delivering different results based on a variety of conditions, age and skin types. They include Botulinum toxin (BOTOX®), dermal fillers (for lips, cheeks, jawline and eyes), Profhilo® and more.

If you’re not sure which type of treatment is best suited to you, we highly recommend requesting a free consultation with a specialist medical injector.

Yes, but not at sk:n. We source the highest quality products. Our partner is Allergan, the leaders in injectables, and use the original Botox® and Juvederm® filler in all clinics.

The quality of anti-ageing injectables can vary depending on several factors, such as the manufacturer, the ingredients used, and the expertise and ability of the practitioner administering the injection.

For instance, some manufacturers produce high-quality injectables that are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy, while others may cut corners to reduce costs. Similarly, some injectables may contain inferior or counterfeit ingredients, which can lead to negative side effects or ineffective results.

The expertise of the injecting practitioner can also have a significant impact on the quality of the treatment. Injectables should only be administered by a qualified medical professional with proper training and has experience in performing these procedures. All sk:n injectors are medically qualified and able to support you properly throughout.

Like any medical procedure, anti-ageing injectables can have potential side effects. However, the side effects are generally mild and temporary. Some of the possible side effects of anti-ageing injectables may include swelling, mild pain, bruising or discomfort.

In rare cases, more serious complications such as infection, nerve damage or allergic reaction can happen. They are extremely uncommon, however, and the risks can be mitigated by choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner, such as our aesthetic doctors and nurse prescribers at sk:n, who use high-quality injectables and are medically trained to deal with incidents and complications.

So it’s essential that you only ever have injectable treatments with a trained medical professional to minimise the risks and ensure you’re properly supported in case of side effects.

Anti-ageing injectables can cause some mild discomfort, but the level of pain varies depending on the individual, the area treated, and the type of injectable being used.

Injectables such as BOTOX® may pinch slightly or cause a stinging sensation at the time of injection, butr it’s typically brief and tolerable. Dermal fillers may cause slightly more discomfort as they involve injecting a substance under the skin or near bone structure, but we offer a topical numbing cream to minimise discomfort during the treatment, and all Juvederm fillers contain lidocaine which has a numbing effect. You are likely to experience slight swelling, bruising and tenderness around the injection site for a couple of days afterwards.

Pain can vary based on the experience or technique of the person delivering your treatment. This is another reason why we always recommend working with a medical professional.

How long anti-ageing injectables last depends on several factors, including the type of treatment, the area treated, and the individual, including metabolism and lifestyle.  

BOTOX® typically lasts for 3-4 months before the effects begin to fade and muscle movement and wrinkles start to return. Dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the type of filler and the area treated.  

Results can vary, and you may require the occasional touch-up to maintain results. We’ll outline this in your free consultation, discussing your goals and expectations before we get started.  

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The speed at which you will see results from anti-ageing injectables varies. 

BOTOX® typically takes several days for the effects to start showing, with final results appearing around two weeks after treatment. Results from dermal fillers, can show much more quickly, once any swelling or bruising subsides after a couple of days. 

The goal of anti-ageing treatments at sk:n is to provide subtle, natural-looking results.

This is something that our injectors pride themselves on. When delivered by a skilled medical practitioner, anti-ageing injectables can give stunning, subtle changes that boost your skin’s radiance and youthfulness, and beautifully enhance your features.

If treated incorrectly however, it may well become obvious you’ve had something “done”. For example, if too much filler is used or injected into the wrong area, it can create an unnatural, overfilled appearance. Similarly, if too much BOTOX® is used, it can cause a “frozen” or expressionless look.

If you don’t keep up with your treatment pathway, the effects of your injectables may wear off, and any unwanted effects of ageing or volume loss may begin to show or reappear.

Always talk to a medical professional before getting injectable treatment. Book a free consultation at sk:n by clicking here.

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When choosing a skincare clinic, it’s essential that you choose someone who offers medically trained, qualified treatments.

This ensures you receive safe administration, effective results and quality aftercare. When choosing a clinic, look for:

  1. Strict safety protocols – Injectables are not to be taken lightly. Strict safety protocols should be in place to keep you safe throughout.
  2. A good reputation – Read reviews and experiences from past customers and check their website.
  3. Qualifications – Any clinic you choose should only work with medically-qualified doctors, consultants or nurse practitioners who have separate prescribing qualifications. You can verify their status and licence on the General Medical Council, The Nursing and Midwifery Council and the General Dental Council websites.
  4. Treatment options – Choose a clinic with a range of treatment options. This means your treatment plan can be better tailored to your needs.
  5. Consultation process – Never accept injectables without sitting down with a doctor or nurse beforehand.
  6. Cost – Avoid clinics that offer heavily discounted prices, as they may be cutting corners or using substandard injectables.

At sk:n, it’s our mission to help our clients achieve greater confidence through better skin. Our clinics provide the highest standard of regulated medical care, so that you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands.

Having anti-ageing injectables is an investment in your future appearance and must be handled carefully and correctly. You can see our full, transparent list of prices above.

We never administer injectables without a comprehensive consultation beforehand. This ensures that the treatment we prescribe is absolutely right for you.

Avoid skincare clinics that allows you to book injectables without a thorough, medically-backed consultation and examination first.

Our consultants will examine your skin, assess your medical history, allergies and discuss your treatment goals before developing a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

We’ll also discuss whether injectables are right for you; your wellbeing always comes first and we’ll never push you into choosing treatments that are not the right fit. Skipping a consultation often results in avoidable side effects ruining your experience. It’s not worth the risk.

Our treatment processes and safety protocols are informed by decades of medical experience, and are sanctioned not only by the Care Quality Commission and the NHS to ensure your treatment is safe and effective, but by our Medical Standards Team, led by a group of consultants, doctors and nurse prescribers.

What you can expect during injectable treatments at sk:n:

  1. Cleaning the treatment area: The practitioner will clean the area to be treated to remove any makeup, dirt, or oils that could interfere with the injection process.
  2. Application of numbing cream: Depending on the type of injectable and whether you feel you need it, the practitioner may apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the treatment area. We will usually apply numbing cream if you’re having  lip filler, but if you are nervous about pain we can apply if you’re having other treatments too. It’s always best to have this discussion during your consultation.
  3. Injecting the product: The practitioner will use a fine needle or a cannula (depending on the treatment or technique) to inject the product. You may feel a slight stinging or prickling sensation, but it is generally tolerable.
  4. Massaging the area: After the product is injected, the practitioner may massage the treatment area to ensure that it is distributed evenly and to reduce the risk of lumps or bumps.
  5. Evaluating the results: After the treatment is complete, your practitioner will evaluate the results to ensure that they are happy with their work and it meets your desired goals and expectations.
  6. Post-treatment care: Your sk:n practitioner will recommend post-treatment care, such as avoiding certain activities or skincare for a period of time, and can schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress.

We’re always here should you need further support, or if you have any questions about what happens next.

Yes, absolutely!

Anti-ageing treatments are not gender-specific and can be just as effective for men, women or those who are non-binary. In fact, an increasing number of men are seeking anti-ageing treatments to reduce the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, or to help define a stronger jawline.

Many anti-ageing treatments are popular with men, especially injectables such as dermal fillers and BOTOX®.

If you’re unsure, or would like tailored advice based on your unique requirements, don’t hesitate to request a consultation.

To learn more about achieving the perfect jawline, click here.

Ageing skin is a part of life, but there are some measures we can take to help slow the process down, such as:

  • Wear a high factor sunscreen daily, even in winter or when inside
  • Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses during sun exposure.
  • Use skincare products containing anti-ageing ingredients such as peptides and vitamin A.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Invest in professional skin treatments which stimulate collagen production.

There are many skincare products and treatments designed to help combat the signs of ageing. Effective anti-ageing ingredients you should look out for include:

  • Hyaluronic acid – helps to maintain skin hydration
  • Retinol – a form of vitamin A which helps address the signs of ageing
  • Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – an effective exfoliant that smooths the skin
  • Vitamins C and E – antioxidants for fighting free radicals that age the skin

Book a consultation and our skin experts can help to advise the best products and treatments for your skin type and goals.

Keeping your skin protected from UVA damage and ageing HEV (high energy visible light) – also known as the blue light emitted from your devices – is the best prevention for ageing skin. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of high factor sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays; this will help to preserve your skin’s natural collagen supplies for longer. You can also book a consultation with a doctor if you have concerns, and they will prescribe the appropriate treatment plan for you.

The most appropriate method of treating forehead lines and wrinkles is determined by the cause of the lines you have: Lines caused by muscle movement (such as when you smile, squint or frown) are known as dynamic lines. Lines which are present at all times, even when you are not moving your facial muscles, are called static lines. Book a consultation at sk:n so we can discuss your concerns and goals and recommend the right course of treatment. Your plan could include skin treatments like microneedling and chemical peels with a practitioner, or anti-ageing injectables and laser resurfacing with a doctor or nurse prescriber.

You may begin to notice the first signs of forehead lines in your late twenties and early thirties as faint lines begin to appear. With time, these lines gradually deepen and become increasingly more prominent until they are visible even when you aren’t raising your eyebrows or frowning. Although age makes them worse, the sun also will cause ageing, and some people have forehead lines before they experience any other signs of ageing skin.

The best way to postpone the appearance of laughter lines is to use a high factor sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays – ideally one that also blocks out ageing high energy visible light (blue light) too. Avoid smoking, drink plenty of water and follow a good skincare routine, particularly one with a deep-acting serum or moisturiser, or skincare containing anti-ageing ingredients such as peptides and vitamin A.

Yes. Some people develop laughter lines at a young age, or have them most of their life. This isn’t necessarily due to ageing skin and is usually just a natural or genetic characteristic. Laughter lines aren’t exclusive to mature skin types and might just be part of what makes you unique – like dimples in your cheeks.

Most people begin to see the first signs of ageing skin in their 30s, but this can vary due to lifestyle and genetic factors. Deeper-set wrinkles like laughter lines and crow’s feet usually appear when we get into our 40s. Smoking and sun exposure speed the skin-ageing process up, so if you want to keep your skin looking younger for longer, avoid.

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