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By Ellie Taylor 31st May 2022 Category: Advice
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Medically Reviewed June 2023, by Dr Toni Phillips, Group Clinical Director, for sk:n. Next review due June 2024.

Achieving a strong, desirable jawline through male injectables is an area of growing interest. In a recent Esquire article, they heralded jawline fillers as one method of getting the ‘power profile’, which is increasingly sought out for by male professionals wanting to be ‘boardroom ready’ with a redefined, chiselled jawline. 

A weak jaw or weak chin in males is mainly a hereditary trait and can often be worsened by age. An undefined jaw can be characterised by its rounded chin and soft edge. 

As genetics play a large role in our facial structure, those with a less pronounced jaw often develop one from a young age, where anatomically, the mandible is further set inwards rather than outwards. 

The mandible is the name of the lower jaw bone and can recede throughout the years. Certain factors that may influence the progression of a less defined jaw can be:


How to get a better jawline

A strong jawline is associated with masculinity and research has shown that an increase of professional men wanting to enhance their jaws, is often to help gain a competitive edge against younger colleagues coming in through the ranks. 

The ‘halo effect’ is a psychological phenomenon where premade impressions of a person, based on appearance and presentability, are carried over to form a whole perception of a person’s performance and personality. 

Meaning that, if you are attractive, well-groomed and well-dressed, your boss may think that you are going to be a better employee compared to someone who is not. It is a form of cognitive bias and may act as an initiative for men to maintain their image.

There are many ways to help get a defined jawline, or reduce the appearance of a weak jawline, and these can be achieved through a range of at-home and professional methods, such as:

  • Facial exercises
  • Losing weight 
  • Dressing for your face shape 
  • Growing a beard 
  • Dermal fillers 


Facial exercises

Simple jawline exercises, such as chin lifts, can help to activate the neck muscles which are commonly overlooked in workouts. By exercising the chin and jawline, it can help to sculpt the muscle around the jaw, build definition and mass to the targeted area and tighten any loose skin that may be hindering your jaw’s appearance.

A chin lift is similar to a sit up – but on a localised scale – and can be done lying down or standing up. To do one, you first close your mouth and gently push your jaw forward. Then, bring your chin down to your neck and lift your chin up until you can feel it stretch – this means the muscles are activated and contracted. Hold for ten seconds and repeat. 

Clenching your jaw, or sucking in your cheeks, and holding for five seconds, are other simple exercises to help activate the jaw muscles.

Another simple way to exercise the jaw is to chew gum, which works similarly to facial workouts with the same toning benefits.  

These facial exercises may help to tone the cheeks and facial skin, adding to the overall dimension of the jaw. Be sure to gradually build up your reps as this will avoid injury and the straining of underdeveloped muscles. 


Losing weight

Healthy living and regular exercise is essential advice given by most healthcare professionals to promote strong mental and physical well-being.

This advice can also be extended to those wondering ‘how to get a sharp jawline?’ as losing weight can be one way of fixing a weak chin. By losing excess fat in the face and neck, it can help to rediscover, and enhance, the natural line of your jaw.  


Opposing necklines

Certain clothes can help to disguise a weak chin and jawline, so dressing for your face shape is important. To help accentuate your jawline, opposing necklines can help to promote a more elongated jaw. 

For example, if you have a rounded jawline, wear V-necks and unbuttoned shirts to help minimise, and draw attention away from your jaw. 

Choosing the right, complementing shirt collar can also help accentuate your face shape. For rounded, oval faces, wearing shirts with pointed, narrow collars also works to promote a narrower, slimmer jaw profile. 


Growing a beard

Growing a beard is further advice given to those who prefer a less demanding, low commitment approach to improving their jawline. 

A beard, or extra stubble, can act as a disguise to give the illusion of a sharper jaw and with the right shaping, can enhance definition and add fullness and balance. An unkept beard can look scruffy and unprofessional, especially in business environments, so be sure to maintain it well. 

Exercising, cover ups and clever dressing, however, can only go so far in hiding a weakened jawline and does not address a jaw that has receded due to age. The best way to get a significantly defined, sharper jawline quickly is to seek professional augmentation. 


Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers is the name of the injectable treatment that can enhance, contour and define the facial features. When creating a chiselled jawline, the treatment works almost instantly and can produce natural looking results from the first session. 

The filler itself is made from Juvéderm®, a brand of filler developed by the industry-leading company Allergan, who are renowned for their rigorous clinical testing and reputability. 

Juvéderm® is derived from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally within the body and plays a large role in keeping the skin firm, youthful and plump. 

When administered into the jaw through injections, it has visible powers in restoring loss volume and adding dimension for an overall improved, younger and sculpted jawline. 


Jaw filler before and after

male jaw fillers before and after

If you’re excited about getting your ‘power profile’ quickly, arrange a consultation to begin your personalised treatment path. 


Key Learnings

  • Cosmetic procedures for men are growing interest and can help you exceed and look your best for power lunches and meetings
  • Facial exercises and cover ups can only go so far in hiding an undefined jawline
  • Dermal Fillers can give you fast, significant and naturally looking results from the onset 
  • Injectables can create definition and reduce the signs of ageing, all whilst helping you achieve your desired jawline
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