At sk:n we offer market-leading, clinically effective treatments and products to people who have already been disganosed with rosacea by their GP. We understand and empathise with your battle against rosacea and can help.

Left untreated, symptoms of rosacea will worsen, so early action is advised. Sadly, there is currently no cure, only treatment and avoidance of triggers.

Treatments For Rosacea

There is a range of oral and topical medications which are capable of treating the redness, pimples, and bumps associated with rosacea. Such treatments are usually prescribed to gain immediate control over the condition, and subsequent long-term use of topical therapy is advised to maintain remission.

A gentle skin-care routine can be invaluable in helping to control rosacea. In general, non-irritating skin-care products are advisable and protection from sun exposure by using a strong sunscreen also helps. 

When necessary, lasers and other medical and surgical devices may be used to reduce extensive redness, correct nose disfigurement and eradicate visible blood vessels.


For patients with visible blood vessels, laser treatment can be used to shrink them. The treatment uses brief pulses of light energy, which target only the blood vessel, leaving surrounding skin unharmed.


Peels help by exfoliating the top layers of skin, speeding up skin turnover and preventing pores from becoming clogged with dead skin cells, which can aggravate rosacea and cause flare ups. Our Mandelic Acid peels are ideal for those experiencing the skin sensitivity associated with Rosacea. 

" I just wanted to turn back time because I’m young at heart and I don’t like to see an old woman looking back at me! I had four treatments in total and I barely recognise myself! It really works and I certainly look much younger! " - Lynn Shuck

Rosacea Treatment FAQs


We can’t cure rosacea, but we can dramatically reduce the symptoms. By following the treatment plan agreed at your consultation, you should see a significant improvement in your skin. In your consultation, your doctor will discuss your specific condition and the results you can expect to see. It should be noted that a small number of people do not respond to treatment for a variety of reasons.

How will I feel during rosacea treatment?

Some slight discomfort may be felt during laser treatment, but this is well tolerated by the majority of patients.

Is rosacea treatment the right treatment for me?

With the range of rosacea treatments available at sk:n, your specialist will be able to advise you on which approach holds the most promise for you. If you have a tan, then you will need to allow this to fade before laser treatment, as the procedure will not be effective otherwise.

What happens after rosacea treatment?

Sometimes, laser treatment can leave you with slight bruising and swelling, but this soon settles. In the very rare instance that pain or infection occurs, simple measures such as paracetamol, Aloe Vera gel and antibacterial cream solve the problem.

How much does it cost?

Rosacea Treatment Prices


    Prices From
Doctor consultation   £100
Medical Director*   £150
Test patch   £50


  PRICES FROM SINGLE Treatment  3 Treatment
save 20%
Doctor treatment £230 £230 £552
Medical Director* treatment £335 £335 £804

*including Dermatologists, Doctors and General Practitioners with Special Interests

Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.

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