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The prices shown are starting prices and exact price will be confirmed in consultation where treatment options, suitability and expected results will be discussed.

Doctor Consultations from
Treatment Single
Treatment From
Milia removal from £110.00
Mole removal including histology from £305.00
Skin tag removal from £145.00
Wart & verruca removal from £170.00

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Minor skin procedures that are performed at sk:n

Milia Removal – not to be mistaken for acne, milia are small white cysts caused by the build-up of keratin. It’s important to speak to an expert to get the correct diagnosis for your condition before considering treatment. There are a variety of treatment options to remove Milia depending on the type, location and number of Milia that need removing. The most common type of Milia Removal is carried out using a sterile needle. Milia can also be treated using a Hyfrecator, an electrical device that sends tiny pulses over the skin, allowing the contents of the spots to be extracted. Find out more about Milia Removal.

Mole Removal -whether they affect your confidence or you’re concerned about their implications on your health, we can help. At sk:n we offer three types of mole removal treatment. Smaller moles can be removed with laser treatment, which uses light energy to break down the mole. Moles that protrude from the skin can simply be shaved away under local anaesthetic. Other moles can be cut away via an excision. This procedure is also performed under local anaesthetic and requires a small stitch in the skin. Find out more about Mole Removal.

Skin Tag Removal – skin tags can be uncomfortable and catch on clothes and jewellery but are easily removed. There are several techniques used to remove skin tags. The different options include excision removal, where the skin tag is carefully cut away using a scalpel, cryotherapy where the skin tag is frozen by applying liquid nitrogen to the area and Hyfrecation, where an electrical pulse is passed through the skin tag to damage the cells and cause the skin tag to fall off. Find out more about Skin Tag Removal.

Warts and Verrucae Removal – warts and stubborn verrucas can be removed quickly and safely at sk:n. They can be removed using one of three different types of procedures. The treatment options vary from Laser Removal or Cryotherapy, which cut off the blood supply to the wart or verruca, causing it to fall off, to Excision Removal, which is performed under local anaesthetic and will require a stitches. Find out more about Wart and Verrucae Removal.


Are Minor Skin Procedures Safe?

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All of our procedures are carried out in highly clinical, sterilised operating rooms by doctors with many years’ experience following strict medical protocols. This means you can rest assured the procedure are very safe.

Do Minor Skin Procedures Hurt?

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The level of discomfort you experience will depend on the kind of procedure you undergo. Some will be completed under local anaesthetic and so will be painless. For other treatments, clients tend to find the pain very manageable and the procedure is over quickly. The treated area may be tender for a few days after the treatment.

How Will I Feel During Minor Skin Procedures?

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Depending on the treatment you choose, you may experience anything from slight to mild discomfort. We will do everything to keep you comfortable and pain-free, including the use of local anaesthetic cream if necessary.

How Many Treatments Will I Need for Minor Skin Procedures?

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In most cases, minor skin procedures are one off treatments. In your consultation your doctor will discuss your treatment plan with you to ensure we achieve the best results for you.

Is There Any Downtime From Minor Skin Procedures?

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Downtime is minimal and the benefits of your treatment will be noticed instantly.

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