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Choosing sk:n for mole removal is a decision to prioritise excellent healthcare that puts you first. Our experienced, highly skilled medical teams dedicate time to understanding your concerns and expectations. Whether you choose mole removal services for aesthetic reasons or otherwise, sk:n puts excellent patient care at the heart of what we do.

Whether you dislike the way a mole looks, or have noticed worrying changes in the shape, size, colour or texture of your moles, you can trust our consultant dermatologists to deliver the best mole removal services. You’ll have access to specialists with extensive experience in assessing moles for signs of skin cancer. Following removal, our experts can guide you in the right direction for further mole checks or treatment if necessary. By trusting sk:n, you join the thousands of satisfied clients who have been treated successfully with us.

With a range of mole removal methods available at sk:n, you can rely on the experts at sk:n Bristol to deliver the best results.

Mole removal methods

Laser removal

Most suitable for small, raised moles in areas where minimal scarring is a priority, such as the face. Laser mole removal uses light energy to break down the melanin pigment within the mole.

Shave removal

Moles that protrude from the skin can be ‘shaved’ off under local anaesthetic. A surgical blade is used to remove the mole down to slightly beneath the surface of the skin leaving a pink indent that should fade with time.

Excision removal

Most suitable for larger moles where regrowth is a concern. Excision is performed under local anaesthetic and involves the surgical removal of the mole along with a small border of normal surrounding skin. This procedure requires a stitch to close the skin, leaving a small scar that will fade over time.

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Mole Removal in Bristol
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Delivered by expert sk:n doctors

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Delivered thousands of successful mole removal treatments

Where on my body can I have a mole removed?

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You can have a mole removed from anywhere on your body, including on your face. Our doctors have years of experience in removing moles from the face and sensitive and hard-to-reach places.

I have a mole(s) that I don’t like, or I want to be removed for cosmetic reasons but I know it’s not suspicious. Can it be removed?

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Yes of course, it is possible. Unlike the NHS, who will only remove moles if they are potentially dangerous, at sk:n, we are used to removing moles for cosmetic reasons, unless your consultant feels there is a medical reason not to.

You will need to see a consultant for a consultation and clinical review to discuss the removal. Sometimes a doctor may advise against procedures because the risk of scarring outweighs the cosmetic benefit.

Can I get a mole removed on the NHS?

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In the last few years, the NHS has reduced the type of “non-essential” treatments it delivers. This means that some procedures, such as mole removal, and warts, verrucae and skin tag removal, can no longer be (administered) offered for free on the NHS. A mole that is not believed to be at risk, dysplastic or malignant, (life-threatening or cancerous) will not generally be removed on the NHS.

I have private medical insurance. Will my mole removal costs be covered?

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Patients with insurance have their costs usually covered by their insurance policy in full, subject to policy conditions. We advise you to check with your provider prior to booking. For clients without health insurance, we offer a Pre-Procedure Consultation at £150.

How do I keep track of my moles?

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Moles can be monitored for changes and abnormalities through a process known as If you have several moles over your body and find it hard to keep track of their size and shape, this service is a useful way of ensuring you don’t miss any potentially harmful developments.

The service involves having several digital full body photographs and photographs of specific moles that need monitoring taken, which can later be compared to spot any signs of change. Early detection of skin cancer is very important and our services are there to help you. For more information about mole mapping and screening services at sk:n and The MOLE Clinic, click here.

Can I get my moles checked for skin cancer?

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Yes. If you are worried about a mole or moles, we can book you in for a consultation with a consultant dermatologist at The MOLE Clinic, part of the sk:n family. There are clinics in London, and skin cancer screening services are also available in selected sk:n clinics.

The consultant will diagnose the mole and confirm if biopsy is necessary and, if so, discuss the recommended procedure and costs, recovery, likely outcomes, risks and complications, to meet your expectations.

To book or find out more, visit The MOLE Clinic.

We also offer a fast service known as a single mole report in many sk:n clinics nationwide. During your appointment, a screening nurse or practitioner will use a dermoscopic lens to take a high-quality, detailed image beneath the surface of a mole. This examines abnormalities and pigmentation in skin lesions, invisible to the naked eye, and the potential early diagnosis of skin cancers.

The dermoscopic image will then be sent for rapid remote review by a specialist doctor or dermatologist. We normally email the Single Mole Report to you, with advice by a dermatologist, within 3 days.

This costs just £50. Book online to secure your appointment.

Is mole removal safe?

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At sk:n you are in the safest hands. Our leading consultant dermatologists, doctors, surgeons and nurses have extensive training, qualifications and experience. We are trusted by the NHS, and receive more NHS referrals for mole removal than any other dermatology provider. During your consultation and treatment, we will explain any possible side effects and how to avoid them.

Does mole removal hurt?

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There are several types of mole and each type has different treatment options. Melanocytic moles need to be excised and sent to the laboratory for histopathology. An excision of a mole involves injections with local anaesthetic: a sharp scratch and a burning sensation that lasts 1-20 seconds. Once the local anaesthetic starts working the patient will only feel pulling but no pain.

Intradermal nevi and compound nevi can be removed by excision, shave or laser. Excisions and shave removals require local anaesthetic, but laser treatment can be carried out with the application of topical anaesthetic creams.

Laser removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band. If you are booked in for shave or excision removal, the area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic so you won’t feel anything.

Will the mole grow back?

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When moles are excised they will not recur.

If moles are removed by shave or laser There is a very small chance that your mole might reappear after having it removed, as a few mole cells may remain in the skin. If this is the case, we will book you in for further treatment. Usually, however, you will find that one treatment session is enough.

What is Atypical mole syndrome?

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The British Association of Dermatologists defines Atypical mole syndrome as “a disorder of the skin which is seen in approximately 2% of the population. It is defined when an individual has more than 50 moles composed of melanocytes (pigment producing skin cells) present on their skin, and three or more are atypical (unusual) in their appearance, e.g. size and shape.”

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