Jeremy Halfhide

Medical Director

Over the last 25 years, Dr Halfhide has developed a wide range of experiences with many different lasers and cosmetic techniques. His practice ranges across all aspects of dermatology with special interests in treating acne scarring (carbon dioxide, Erbium:YAG and Fraxel lasers) and laser mole removal and birth marks (Pulsed Dye and Nd:YAG picosecond lasers). He has many years of experience in laser treatment of rosacea, facial and leg thread veins, and pigmented lesions. He has carried out more than 20,000 anti ageing injectable treatments. He also carries out thread lifting, minor surgery, general dermatology diagnosis and prescribing. Typically he employs an array of these techniques to assist patients in looking younger, and others in their wish to treat a birthmark or other cosmetic imperfections of concern.

Dr Jeremy Halfhide is licensed and regulated by the General Medical Council, having held a full license to practice medicine since 1989. As a firm believer in high standards and ethical medical practice, he has worked on sk:n’s Medical Standards Committee since 2015, the UK’s leading and largest laser and cosmetic dermatology groups. He started out with sk:n back in 1998 and has worked with them ever since, being their group medical director for London and the south of England since 2015. He was also invited to give his expert opinion on BBC Watchdog in 2018.

Dr Halfhide’s approach is conservative, preferring to under- rather than over-treat. He ensures patients have a proper assessment; he seeks to completely understand the patient’s concerns so that he can then accurately meet the patient’s goals. He prefers to keep all enhancements within the standard patient anatomical range, that way ensuring a natural look.

He is married to a doctor, they have 2 children of school age and a Labrador Bertie. His hobbies are sailing, skiing and keeping fit when time permits.

Fast Facts

  • DPDerm
  • BTec Laser
  • General Medical Council
  • Associate Member of the British Association of Dermatologists

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