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How can I prevent forehead lines? Plus Icon

Keeping your skin protected from the sun and ageing blue light emitted from your devices is the best prevention for ageing skin. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of high factor sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays; this will help to preserve your skin’s natural collagen supplies for longer. You can also book a consultation with a doctor if you have concerns, and they will prescribe the appropriate treatment plan for you.

What’s the best way to get rid of forehead lines? Plus Icon

The most appropriate method of treating forehead lines and wrinkles is determined by the cause of the lines you have: Lines caused by muscle movement (such as when you smile, squint or frown) are known as dynamic lines. Lines which are present at all times, even when you are not moving your facial muscles, are called static lines. Book a consultation at sk:n so we can discuss your concerns and goals and recommend the right course of treatment. Your plan could include skin treatments like microneedling and chemical peels with a practitioner, or anti-ageing injectables and laser resurfacing with a doctor.

When do forehead lines start to appear? Plus Icon

You may begin to notice the first signs of forehead lines in your late twenties and early thirties as faint lines begin to appear. With time, these lines gradually deepen and become increasingly more prominent until they are visible even when you aren’t raising your eyebrows or frowning. Although age makes them worse, some people have forehead lines before they experience any other signs of ageing skin.

Where can I have anti-ageing injectables? Plus Icon

Popular areas to have anti-ageing injectables include around the eyes, forehead and between the eyebrows to target lines and wrinkles. However, increasingly BOTOX® injections and fillers are being used to lift eyebrows and corners of the mouth and to target the orange peel appearance of the chin.

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