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Frequently asked questions

Are all the treatments safe? Plus Icon

Absolutely. As the UK’s leading skin clinic, offering safe treatments that are administered by professionals is what we guarantee. All our treatments are conducted by qualified doctors and nurses who follow exceptionally high medical practices. Our equipment and treatments are state of the art, vigorously tested and use FDA-approved. We endorse the use of high quality, industry-leading products in every treatment available.

Are the treatments painful? Plus Icon

The pain level will vary depending on treatment and individual pain tolerances. As all the treatments above are administered in the clinic and are less invasive than surgery, minimal pain is to be expected. However, client comfort is a priority and we can always apply cooling gels and numbing agents to reduce any pain experienced.

How long will it take to see results? Plus Icon

With most injectable treatments, HydraFacials, microneedling and skin peels, results can be seen immediately, where the eye appears brighter and with a significant reduction in wrinkles. To see the full effect of a treatment, it may take around seven days.

Which treatment is right for me? Plus Icon

This would depend on your skin concerns and preferences. The best way to discover which treatment is right for you would be to have a consultation with one of our practitioners. They will go through, in detail, the most effective treatment path for you to meet your skin goals.

How many treatments will I need? Plus Icon

This will also depend on the treatment path you choose. For most injectables, results can be seen after the first session, yet multiple treatments may be required depending on the depth and prominence of your undereye wrinkles. This will be confirmed during your consultation.

How much does under eye wrinkle treatment cost? Plus Icon

Depending on the kind of treatment you want, the prices can vary. 

Injectables such as Botox are from £210. Dermal Fillers and Tear Trough treatment from £390. Microneedling starts from £155. A three session HydraFacial course can be £257 and Skin Peels start at £80. Profhilo® from £350.


Taking preventative measures is the most important step in delaying and reducing the visible signs of ageing. Some ways to take preventative action is to omit detrimental lifestyle factors such as smoking and excessive drinking and committing to a vigilant, anti-ageing skin routine.

Skin care products, such as eye creams and serums containing retinoids, SPF, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, caffeine and alpha-hydroxy acids, may help to delay the early signs of wrinkles and lines under your eye. Although a diligent skin care routine provides long term, consistent protection, results may not be instantaneous. Home remedies can too, only go so far to prevent fine lines.

By combining a strong skin regime with one of our preventative treatments as regularly as you can, you’ll have the right tools for combating the signs of ageing early on. Some of our preventative treatments are:



HydraFacial is a deeply cleansing and detoxifying facial treatment that instantly restores a radiant complexion. It incorporates active botanical ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and works as an anti-ageing and protecting treatment. It is the least invasive treatment for reducing unwanted static lines without injectables.

For treating the undereye area, the two most effective facials would be HydraFacial sk:n signature treatment (for boosting collagen) and dermabuilder treatment (includes an anti-ageing serum).

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chemical peels

Skin peels

Chemical peels, which refers to the clinical grade of natural solutions used, are exfoliating and renewing facial treatments that stimulate collagen production.

They work to help brighten dull and tired skin, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and static wrinkles. After one peel, you can see immediate results with your complexion becoming visibly brighter, softer and youthful.

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At sk:n we offer a range of treatments to reduce both types of wrinkles that have restorative, rejuvenating qualities and all encourage a more youthful appearance. Click to see best procedures for under eye wrinkles.

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