Sun Damage

What Is Sun Damage?

The UK is a nation of sun-lovers, but your skin pays the price of overexposure to UV rays. Too much time in the sun without sun protection can result in unstable moles and even skin cancer, so it's important to stay protected and have regular skin check-ups.

Even if you do manage to avoid serious skin conditions, prolonged sun exposure plays havoc with your skin in later life. UVA sunlight stimulates your pigment cells, called melanocytes, to produce more melanin. Melanin gives the skin, hair and eyes colour, but can also cause unwanted dark patches called age spots. UV rays are also responsible for up to 95 per cent of the signs of ageing, including premature wrinkles, slacker skin and an uneven skin tone.

As is often the case, prevention is better than cure. The best way to postpone sun damage is to use an SPF daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays - whether in the sun or not, as UVA light levels can cause damage throughout the year.

At sk:n we offer the most advanced technology and treatments on the market to target sun damage, without the need for invasive surgery. We pride ourselves on achieving a no-trace face, and offer a free consultation with a medical practitioner, a highly personalised plan and post-treatment review.

Once my skin had peeled there was a noticeable difference in its appearance and complexion. I couldn't take back years of sun-bathing, but could minimise the effects.

Treatments For Sun Damage

We offer a number of treatment options to lessen the appearance of sun damage. To choose the best plan for you for noticeable results, we highly recommend you attend a free, no obligation consultation. During your free consultation your medical practitioner might discuss:

Specialist Clinical Products

In conjunction with leading chemists in Europe and the US, our research and development team has formulated proven, patented products to be topically applied to the skin for the treatment of sun damage to maximise treatment results.


Medical Grade Peels

Our advanced Innerpeel Skin Peels work deep in the lower layers of the skin, erasing the unwanted areas of pigmentation caused by sun exposure to reveal a clear complexion. During treatment you might feel a slight burning sensation, a bit like sunburn. But with our soothing pre and post-application creams, any discomfort is minimised. Results can be seen after three to five treatments.



Microdermabrasion produces a superficial depth of skin removal to help promote new skin cells and a healthy top layer of skin. The exfoliation process is carried out using a buffing and vacuum mechanism to remove surface signs of sun damage.



CO2RE is an ablative fractional laser, one of the most advanced on the market today. Ablative lasers work by vaporising the outer layers of skin, destroying an even layer of skin cells. This process causes the skin to create a wound healing response, causing new, smooth and more even skin to be formed. The laser beam of energy is highly targeted to a specific area of the skin, meaning your surrounding skin remains undamaged. Not only does this intensive method of treatment deliver exceptional results, the downtime and risks are also minimal.



This laser resurfacing treatment targets the surface and deeper layers of the skin, encouraging the skin to produce new collagen and repair itself from sun damage. Results are immediate and long-lasting; however this treatment does require some downtime to allow your skin to heal.


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