• Thermal Face Scanning

    Long gone are the more conventional days of iris recognition and fingerprint scanning for identification purposes. Research in America shows that the next invention could be a thermal imaging scan; this intends to map out the blood vessels under the skin of your face.... read more

  • Phone Apps May Delay Skin Cancer

    If you’ve recently spotted an unusual looking mole and it’s making you anxious then you’ll want a quick diagnosis to put your worrying mind at ease. Unfortunately, appointments with GP’s are becoming increasingly difficult to attain and the weeks of waiting can be torturous if you’re already anxious.... read more

  • Don't Be Blind About Moles

    Moles can come in all shapes and sizes, some are linked to skin issues, whilst some are a sign of health problems, and some are just unsightly or a little irritating.... read more

  • Don't make a mountain out of a molehill

    For many people the desire to have clear, glowing skin is not just about looking good and feeling confident, but also about feeling assured that our skin is healthy. This is why many people consider having moles removed as they can indicate more serious problems.... read more

  • Avoid the waiting game; get your mole checked at sk:n

    It used to be the case that when you had a mole you weren't happy with, you'd book in for a consultation with your GP and then wait to be seen.... read more

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  • What to expect from mole shaving

    sk:n clinics offer a range of simple mole removal procedures which can help boost self esteem if you're worried about unsightly moles anywhere on your body.... read more

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    With summer weather finally on its way, more and more people are starting to look forward to shedding their winter clothes, spending more time outside and getting to work on their tans.... read more