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Chemical peels: the do's and don'ts revealed on The Doctors Show

12nd November 2013

Some of us are naturally blessed with clear and flawless skin and some of us have to invest in a range of effective rejuvenation treatments such as the chemical skin peel. A chemical skin peel can rejuvenate your skin and take years off you, without any of the side effects associated with invasive surgery.

However, it is also important to get an in depth understanding of some of the dos and don'ts we should follow with chemical skin peels, which will be demonstrated in the short clip below.

In this short clip we learn how chemical skin peels have been around for years and have become increasingly popular. It is also revealed, how they can help eliminate fine lines, dark spots on the face, skin tightening and just give you better and younger looking skin. The specialist on The Doctors Show, also progresses on to giving us some useful tips on the don'ts we need to follow with home skin peels.

  1. Avoid applying skin peels on dark to medium dark skin at home.
  2. Never use acid solution which is greater than 8%.
  3. Avoid using skin peels if you are on acne medication.
  4. Avoid the sun six weeks before and six weeks after any peeling takes place.
  5. Avoid doing a peel yourself if you have a cold sore.

They also show an example of an at-home chemical peel disaster, where the lady broke out in cold sores, herpes and blisters around the mouth area after applying a skin peel at home. This was clearly a bad idea since she had a history of cold sores, which meant a longer healing process of the skin as shown in the after picture.

Throughout the video, they try to encourage people to do skin peels at a professional clinic such as sk:n clinics, rather than administrating skin peels yourself at home. We even see how a lady has tighter and more youthful looking skin after carrying out skin peel sessions from professionals.

You can now treat yourself to a skin laser treatment, chemical skin peel or any of the other fantastic rejuvenation treatments here at sk:n. It would be worth visiting a sk:n clinic near you today, this Christmas and take full advantage of the ongoing promotions that would be of interest to you.

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