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Skin Peels in Cardiff

If you are looking for a treatment in Cardiff to rejuvenate your skin to become brighter and fresher, then look no further than the new sk:n clinic. At sk:n Cardiff we offer a variety of industry leading Skin Peels designed to tackle a range of common skin concerns, including dull skin, acne, wrinkles and age spots. With our years of experience, highly-trained staff and interest-free finance options it is now possible for everyone to have clearer, more beautiful skin.

The Cardiff medical team includes Doctor Simon Harris, who has worked in dermatology for over 20 years after qualifying at University of Wales College of Medicine in 1980. Our team of friendly staff have the expertise to understand the needs of different skin tones, which is something to discuss during a consultation.

five Reasons to have a skin peel:

  • Safe and suitable for all skin types and tones
  • Significant results without invasive treatment 
  • Improvements in overall complexion from first treatment
  • Renew your skin for a special event with no downtime
  • Resurface scarred skin with a course of deeper-acting peels

As we age, our skin’s natural rate of exfoliation slows down, leaving us more prone to unwanted imperfections and sun-ageing. Skin Peels work by applying a non-toxic chemical to the skin to remove dead cells and encourage the natural exfoliation process. The treatment stimulates new cell growth and collagen production, helping to reveal fresher, clearer, brighter skin.

Our Skin Peels are completely safe and undergo stringent testing on all skin types and tones. We are expertly placed to offer you the best advice on the peel most suitable and effective for your skin.

Sarah from Cardiff gets a Mandelic peel once every two months and says “my skin has never looked better. Even with my sensitive skin, the peels instantly make it softer and smoother.”



Come and visit our new clinic for a free no-obligation consultation, where we have solutions for most skin problems and will build a treatment plan tailored to meet your precise needs. We are situated on Ipswich Road in the David Lloyd Fitness centre, and welcome all new patients!


Ipswich Road, Roath, Cardiff CF23 9AQ





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“Skin peels are an excellent way to improve the texture and tone of damaged skin. They can range in intensity, so everyone can find one perfect for them” Doctor Simon Harris


Frequently asked questions:

Is it safe?

Yes, our Skin Peels are completely safe and undergo stringent testing on all skin types and tones: First by the manufacturers; then by our Medical sensation as the peel works, but this is completely normal. Standards Team; and finally during training of our practitioners. We are expertly placed to offer you the best advice on the peel most suitable and effective for your skin. During treatment your eyes and hair will be protected. You may experience a slight tingling

What’s in it?

We use an advanced range, called Inner Peel, which contains a patented carrier-solution that drives greater absorption of the active ingredients into the skin. This deep-acting technology reduces trauma to the skin’s surface and increases the rate of exfoliation for improved results. Classified as light, medium or deep, each peel produces a varying level of chemical exfoliation to treat different conditions.

Is it right for me?

Treatment is safe on all skin types and tones, so suitable for anyone wanting fresher, clearer, brighter skin. Your nurse or therapist will discuss the best Skin Peel for you in your free consultation.

Where on my body can I have treatment?

Our range of Skin Peels can be used for the face and almost any other area of the body. We offer specific peels for the hands, neck and décolletage.

What results will I see?

You will notice improvement in your overall complexion from your first Skin Peel. Your nurse or therapist will discuss the best peels for your skin complaint and the results you can expect to see in your free consultation.





One of our friendly sk:n advisers will call you back straight away to arrange your consultation.

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