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Tattoo Removal at sk:n Cardiff

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Is your tattoo body art a reminder of someone you used to be, that just doesn't seem to represent who you are anymore? sk:n has treated over 65,000 people for tattoo removal over the past 5 years, making us the leading specialists for laser tattoo removal in the UK. No matter how big the tattoo is or whereabouts it may be on your body, rest assured sk:n is able to help you turn back the clock.

  • Longest laser training in the industry
  • A choice of lasers so we can perfectly match your skin tone for the best results
  • 95% of clients gave us a 5 star rating
  • The most effective removal technique on the market

No chain is more regulated, and as winners of the two major industry awards, we are proud to lead the way in clinical standards and evidence based results.


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Our fantastic NEW clinic is located on Ipswich Road in the David Lloyd Leisure, not far from the Morrisons and Sainsbury's supermarkets on the estate. We have plenty of parking and are really looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our new premises!

What our clients have said about sk:n...

I was surprised how much my tattoo faded after the first treatment. I can't wait to finish my course!

Darren K, Manchester

My tattoo was a big mistake that I thought I was stuck with. I don't have to regret my decision anymore since having laser tattoo removal.

Lisa T, Bristol


  • Best results are achieved through 10-12 treatments
  • Costs as low as £55
  • Permanent results
  • Recovery time after tattoo removal treatment is between 3-4 days
  • There are low risk complications. Any suntan or sun-exposure MUST be declared
  • Treatment can be done in your lunch break in as little as 10 minutes
  • Treatment carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner, nurse or doctor


Manager Kim Davison-Sebry is looking forward to giving you a warm welcome, alongside Doctor Simon Harris, a renowned laser expert. Together with the team of practitioners and nurses, they will be able to offer you a treatment plan that fits into your schedule and helps you discover your natural looking skin as soon as possible.

Visit our clinic page to find out more.

sk:n clinic acne treatment

Visit our Cardiff clinic Page to find out more, or even better, come and see us any day of the week; we're open from 9am most days with hours extending up to 8pm.

HOW does treatment for tattoo work?

sk:n uses a specialist laser to break down the particles of ink in the skin, which disperses them and allows the body to target the fragments for disposal by the immune system. The body then removes the fragments resulting in a gradual fading of your tattoo.

Is it safe and will it hurt?

Most laser treatments feel like an elastic band being flicked at the skin followed by a stinging sensation which can be softened by the application of an anaesthetic cream shortly before treatment. Some people find that they experience redness and feeling of heat radiating from the area, but this should subside within a few hours. Our specialist lasers are designed to target the pigmentation of the ink in the skin ensuring no damage is done to the surrounding skin.

What results can I expect?

Optimum results are achieved through a course average of 10 to 12 treatments, with 4-12 weeks healing time between each session. When you book a consultation to see us for tattoo removal we will advise you on how many treatments we feel you will need. Our aim is to remove the tattoo in its entirety but occasionally for reasons we are unsure of, perhaps due to variances in inks used or the penetration of the ink into deeper skin layers, sometimes a ghosting effect is left behind.


Some clients will experience a darkening or lightening to the skin after treatment has finished but this is relatively brief and should disappear within a few months. If however darkening does remain, sk:n does offer various treatments to help blend the tone to match the surrounding skin.

Where can I have treatment?

Depending on where the tattoo is on your body will depend on who you will see for treatment. If the tattoo is located on the face, head or neck area you will be consulted and treated by a doctor as this is a sensitive area which must be treated with care. Most other areas of the body are treated by a medically trained sk:n Practitioner meaning that tattoo removal can be carried out anywhere on the body.


  • Growing steadily as 'tattoo removal experts': sk:n has the longest training in the industry for performing laser tattoo removal
  • Trusted laser specialists by the NHS: Over 25 years in partnership with the NHS
  • Most advanced laser removal technology: Industry leading technology accessible and available in a clinical environment
  • No need to live life in regret: Only 10- 12 treatments are needed on average for you to get back to your natural skin
  • Most referrals by word of mouth in the industry: With such success in our treatments our clients can't help but spread the word!
  • Strict medical protocols for every treatment: Medical standards for every treatment administered at sk:n
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