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Laser Hair Removal in London Wall

sk:n offer laser hair removal treatments in London wall. Laser Hair Removal is the most effective method of hair removal available today. Unlike other hair removal systems the laser hair removal in London Wall by sk:n is highly effective, yet much more gentle than IPL treatments, meaning you leave our clinics looking great and feeling even better.

Laser hair removal works by repeatedly focusing laser beams at hair molecules, which found at the roots of hairs. This discourages growth and can even stop hairs growing back. Because the lasers react with melanin, the substance that colours hair, blond, white and gray hairs aren't suitable for the treatment. However every hair type from light brown and darker can be affectively treated with laser hair removal. Discouraging re-growth and eventually stopping hairs from growing at all.

Repeated sessions are recommended for best effects, as repeated treatment gradually thins hair growth, but the treatment is painless (although a little redness can be caused). Body and facial hair can be treated. All clients are provided with an after treatment skincare kit to ensure they have the best possible results.

Feel free to have a look around sk:n's site for laser hair removal prices in London Wall and for details of other treatment we offer.

sk:n's laser hair removal in London Wall is perfectly located in the centre of London's prestigious Square Mile. An area that oozes pampering, luxury and wealth, with plenty of boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants, yet easy to get to from just about anywhere in London for those that are less time rich. Clients can indulge in a full day's shopping and pampering in our clinic and the surrounding area, or can nip in quickly via the Tube – Bank, Moorgate, and Liverpool Street are all minutes away.

Dr Jeremy Halfhide heads up our London Wall team. An associate member of the British Association of Dermatologists, he's held full registration with the General Medical Council since 1989. Fully trained in laser hair removal, Dr Halfhide is an expert in dermatology, and a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and The Primary Care Dermatology Society.


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