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Dermaroller is a type of microneedling, which in turn is a type of skin rejuvenation treatment. It involves using a special roller with tiny needles along its surface to make lots of shallow punctures in the skin. Book a consultation with our professionals in Southampton, who will advise you with the best treatment for your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dermaroller treatment – what to expect?

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Before your dermaroller treatment you should avoid the use of self tanning products for up to 48 hours, and avoid sun exposure and the use of skin products that contain vitamin A or retinol for 24 hours.

Are dermaroller results permanent?

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The results of dermaroller therapy are not permanent, and you will require treatment on a regular basis in order to maximise and maintain these.

Is dermaroller treatment painful?

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While the process involved in dermaroller therapy might sound painful, it’s actually a fairly pleasant experience. A topical anesthetic is applied to the area being treated, meaning that the tiny micro needles that pierce through the outermost layer of skin are barely felt.

How does dermaroller treatment work?

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The tiny punctures made by the dermaroller device stimulate a healing response within the skin, kick-starting cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin. This helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of marks, scars and stretchmarks.

Dermaroller – how long to see results?

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You will see a plumping effect almost immediately, however the natural healing process takes time, so it can take up to six weeks before you see significant results.

How long does dermaroller treatment last?

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Following dermaroller microneedling treatment, the collagen and elastin triggering process will continue over the following months and several treatments are usually required to achieve the best results.

How many dermaroller treatments will I need?

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A course of dermaroller treatments is usually recommended in order to see the most noticeable results, particularly for cases of acne scarring or stretch marks. However, many people see some visible results after just one treatment, and your practitioner will be able to assess your skin and determine how many treatments you are likely to need.

Is dermarolling safe?

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Going to a regulated and qualified nurse or doctor is the best way to treat your skin condition safely and effectively. Our dermaroller treatment is carried out in highly clinical, sterilised operating rooms by nurses and doctors with many years’ experience. They will follow strict medical protocols, which means you can be rest assured that the procedures are very safe.

How much does dermaroller cost?

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Dermaroller therapy costs from £370 for a single treatment and exact costs are confirmed after a consultation. A course of treatment is usually recommended for the best results.

Dermaroller – what to do after treatment?

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After your treatment, your skin will appear red and flushed, which is a good sign that the treatment is working and this will subside within a few days. SPF30 should be worn daily following on from the treatment for at least two weeks. An ongoing effective daily skincare regime is crucial to help promote and achieve optimum results.

At sk:n clients can purchase a product pack after treatment, which your practitioner will go through and give you more information about aftercare procedures.

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