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How can I get rid of my spots? Plus Icon

Adopting a thorough facial cleansing and skincare regime can help prevent breakouts if you suffer from spots, blemishes or acne, but it’s important to use the right products for your skin type. There are many over-the-counter solutions for mild acne available at most chemists, but for moderate and more severe cases of spots and acne, you may achieve better results with professional skin treatments.

How many spots is classed as acne? Plus Icon

If you have around 30 or more blemishes on your face at one time, you might have acne. However, if the blemishes are more severe cysts or nodules, you may be categorised as having acne with fewer than 30 or so blemishes.

What types of food help acne? Plus Icon

Acne is not caused by diet, but it can influence it. Diet can play a key factor in helping to prevent acne, by avoiding acne triggers or aggravators such as dairy and sugar, and adding highly nutritious and vitamin-packed food to increase the skin’s capacity to fight infection and heal itself. Some skin-friendly food choices include: whole grains, legumes, unprocessed fruits like apricots, blueberries, tomatoes and red grapes, and unprocessed vegetables such as carrots, avocado, sweet potato, beetroot, spinach and other dark green and leafy vegetables. Food containing zinc, vitamins A and E and antioxidants, such as quinoa, turkey, fish, oat milk and pumpkin seeds can also help the skin to fight acne.

Acne explained Plus Icon

You may be suffering with a condition which is more severe than the more common types of acne listed above. A nurse or doctor will work with you to determine your condition and help you achieve the results you require based on a variety of different treatments available.

Preventing acne Plus Icon

Acne prevention can include many things from natural remedies you can try at home, to a more specialised course of treatments.

acne treatment

Treating your spots at home

It’s important to know what is causing your spots before you try any home remedies. Acne sufferers, in particular, can have very sensitive skin which can be susceptible to infection, especially in more severe cases.

It’s important you don’t use anything which might upset your skin further, so before trying natural remedies, speak to your dermatologist. Coconut oil is often recommended for its natural skin benefits, but seek advice if you have oily, acne-prone skin.

Aloe vera is also a popular natural remedy due to its soothing, cooling characteristics, and is sometimes recommended for inflamed, angry blemishes and spots.

Acne treatments

At sk:n, we are able to combine the best acne treatments, products and prescription drugs to help you achieve clearer skin.

Treatments may include a chemical peel to clear congestion and reveal fresher skin.

A course of Isolaz may also be recommended; this is a blue light therapy which combines vacuum technology to target deep within the skin and clear out the pores.

Milia treatment

There are several options used to clear milia depending on the type, location and number of milia that need removing.

Most commonly, the procedure involves miniscule incisions being made so that they can be removed.

This condition can also be treated using a hyfrecator, an electrical device that sends tiny pulses over the skin, allowing the contents of the spots to be extracted.

Age spot treatments

Treatments for age spots include laser treatment (Q-switched lasers, fraxel and CO2RE) and/or advanced chemical skin peels.

Our advanced skin peels get to work deep within the skin, encouraging clear and healthy skin to form, reducing discolouration.

Fraxel and CO2RE laser treatment targets the dermal layers of the skin to create miniscule wounds, triggering the body’s natural repair system, helping to remove the age spots.

Q switched lasers can also be used to break down unwanted pigment within the skin, which is then removed by the body’s own systems.

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