Baby it’s cold outside – so why should I care about hair removal?

By Francesca Dantonio 2nd November 2018 Category: Advice

Winter is all about wrapping up cosy, staying in the warm – and digging out your 200 denier black opaque tights. So why (oh why) should we even be thinking about hair removal at this time of year? An extra bit of fuzz can only serve to keep us warmer, right?


Well, picture this: next year, as the sun begins to show its face again (and it’s time to start peeling off those many, many woolie jumpers) imagine how good it would feel to know that your skin is already smooth and clear, ready for you to start rocking your summer wardrobe – without that when-did-I-last-shave-my-legs, panic.


This is exactly why winter is the perfect time to begin a course of laser hair removal treatments. For a start, it means you have plenty of time. In order to achieve long-lasting results, experts recommend a course of six to eight treatments spaced four weeks apart. You don’t have to be a maths whizz to realise this means laser hair removal isn’t a quick fix and several months are needed to achieve the best results.


Secondly, you won’t have to worry about sun exposure. Those of you who are laser hair removal newbies, take note: sun exposure for up to two weeks before and after treatment is not recommended. A suntan can affect the accuracy of the lasers during treatment (risking skin damage) and can irritate delicate post-treatment skin. But in the winter, (unless you’re partial to a bit of hypothermia) your skin will be safely protected from the sun, meaning you are unlikely to get a tan.* It also means if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin and tend to have a bit of a rash for a day or two after treatment, you don’t have to worry about any unsightly blotches, because they’ll be under your clothes.


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*Skiers beware! Remember to slather on the factor 50 if you’re hoping to have facial hair removal with lasers after/before you hit the slopes.

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