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Anyone who's had acne knows how drastically it can affect your life. You've probably tried every lotions, potion and maybe even medication.

However, all acne is as individual as the person who has it and responds best to a combined treatment approach.

sk:n uses the highest-grade products and techniques to treat more acne sufferers that any other skincare provider in the UK - with outstanding results.

In one of our nationwide clinics, you will first have a specialist consultation with a highly trained acne expert. In the consultation, they will take the history of your skin problems, grade the level of your acne and work out - with you - a full treatment plan, scaled to your needs, means and time scales. Every treatment plan is different and it could combine time with one of our consultant dermatologists for a prescription product, or Blue-Light treatment with a nurse, or maybe a course of medical grade peels to be used with our clinical products at home.

As The Nation's Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves on these acne treatment plans and results.

That's why, we've chosen a selection of lucky people to discover their best skin by handing themselves over to our acne team to receive a complete treatment plan, worth up to £1300.

Meet our Clear Skin Challenger's below, and keep checking back here or like us on Facebook to follow their journeys and see their progress.

Sarah, 20

I have tried various creams, face scrubs, 'home remedies', medication and nothing seems to work.

I'm just hoping one day I'll have perfect clear skin – I have suffered for years with bad skin...

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Sophie, 22

I have always had good skin. However, in September 2013 I gave up smoking and around November started to get really bad spots. I put it down to the smoking. It continued until I literally could not take any more and went to my GP who diagnosed acne. It has completely stripped my confidence and often makes me upset and angry. I just hope that one day I'll find something to help me clear it...

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Sonal, 20

I have used benzoyl peroxide over the counter and been on prescription for antibiotics and isotrenitoin gel. None of them completely cleared me of acne and it went back to normal after treatment. I have tried changing my skincare routine several times, using many expensive products, but nothing has worked...

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Jevaise, 22

If I had clear skin it would do a great deal for me, I had had clear skin very briefly for a few months. In those few months I developed my career and gained more job opportunities and my relationships with family and friends was great too. I want to feel the way I did for these few months continuously...

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Devi, 25

I'm tired and frustrated with the state of my skin. The sheer amount of reading and research I've tried to do, not to mention the money spent on every other product and treatment on the shelf. Even using products which caused other effects to my skin. I've made so many changes to my diet, it's hard to keep track.

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Chloe, 25

In my job I have to give client facing presentations and at nearly 25 it makes me feel like a teenager and completely robs me of confidence. It's a bad enough situation socially, but professionally as well just gets ridiculous.

All I want is smoother skin, and for it to be calm enough for me to cover with a little make-up...

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Katie, 24

I have tried everything from Roaccutane (when I was 16), to every cream, lotion and face wash in the shop and nothing has given me the clear skin I want. It makes me feel unattractive and embarrassed to leave the house without make-up...

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Ryan, 24

I have suffered with acne for over five years and feel like I have tried everything, but nothing has worked.

I once, when I had just graduated, got a great job with a bank. The day before my first day I had a horrible break out and it made me that self-conscious that I called and declined the job because I wouldn't have been able to deal with the first day...

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