Ziip: the skincare device

By Francesca Dantonio 30th May 2015 Category: Advice

We live in a golden age of DIY beauty products. We’re told that from the comfort of our own homes, we can depilate, exfoliate, manicure and even give ourselves intensive facial treatments with gadgets promising salon results. And now there is a hot new skincare device on the market: the Ziip; a smartphone-sized device which promises to eradicate acne and leave skin looking healthier and younger using nano technology.

source: ziipbeauty.com

But is it worth a space on your bathroom shelf? Read on and decide for yourself.


There are four different settings, which can be used for anti-ageing, sensitivity, clarifying and under-eye treatment. Each setting sends a different type of electrical current towards your skin, allowing Ziip to target acne and redness as well as stimulating collagen to promote anti-ageing.

The Ziip device can be connected to an app on your iPad or iPhone, allowing you to tailor and track your skincare programme.


The Ziip device is not cheap, retailing at around $500 in the US (£325), plus $129 for a two-month supply of conductive gel treatments.

You may not see instant results – Simon says that the device is best used as part of your regular skincare regime, and promises that you will notice a difference in your skin over time.

You will probably feel a slight tingling sensation as you use it, but this is no worse than your average at-home IPL or depilatory treatment.


The Ziip device has only just been launched, so the jury is out on its long-term benefits and ease of use for your average home user.

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