Top 5 tips for healthy and clear skin this summer

By Raj Phull 22nd July 2019 Category: Advice

The summer is here! As the weather warms up, we all want healthy, clear and refreshed skin as we scale back the foundation coverage. But how do we achieve fresh skin with a natural healthy glow?  You may feel like you want to revive dull-looking winter skin, so exfoliation is key and a great place to start. Homecare products we use in the summer will differ from the winter, so it might be time to invest in a good quality SPF, combined with some fabulous breathable mineral make-up to avoid blocking pored and causing spots. Being outdoors more often will inevitably expose your skin to air pollution, so daily cleansing is essential, coupled with regular treatments for the ultimate deep-cleanse and hydration.

Our sk:n Senior Practitioner, Gurpriya Matharoo gives us her top 5 tips for healthy and clear skin this summer.

  • Exfoliate the skin with enzymes to dissolve dead skin and brighten the complexion. My favourite Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to use during the summer months is mandelic acid which derives from bitter almonds. Try a Mandelic Peel to freshen up tired and dull winter skin. This peel will brighten your skin and is specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation. AHA’s are paired with mandelic and azelaic acid which work to deeply exfoliate, lifting dark spots and brightening dull skin. My favourite cleanser is Dermaquest Essential Cleanser which contains pineapple and papaya enzymes – perfect prep before/during facial treatments.


  • Change your make-up to mineral make-up with breathable technology as it’s less likely to melt into the pores and cause breakouts. My favourite range is from Lycogel. This is a technologically advances, breathable and water-resistant range of foundation which stays fresh all day. You can even go swimming in this foundation, your skin will be protected from the sun as the foundation contains SPF 30. This can also be used after treatments and procedures as it will not irritate the skin. It contains 12 active moisturising ingredients which combat the signs of ageing.


  • Double cleanse your skin to remove make-up and dirt; micellar water is great for oily/combination skin types and milk-based cleansers are soothing for dry/dehydrated skin. Use cotton wool round pads with your choice cleanser as you can see the dirt and make-up coming away. Don’t forget the creases in the face and hairline.


  • Monthly facials are recommended to improve circulation and target skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing. During summer months try HydraFacial which has 6 steps to flawless skin; Detox, Cleansing & Exfoliating, Brightening, Extraction, Hydration and Rejuvenation. I always describe this treatment as the ‘personal training session’ for your skin and if you combine it with good food (homecare products) you’re on your way to healthy skin!


  • If you have an oily or acne-prone skin use light serums underneath an oil free SPF to avoid congesting your skin. I swear by using a molecule vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) immediately after cleansing. I’d recommend 4-6 drops of SkinCeauticals Serum 10 applied directly to the skin which is great for acne and general skin health.
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