What are the different types of skin peels available?

By Raj Phull 11th February 2013 Category: Advice

Skin peels are an incredibly popular treatment, covering a whole range of conditions from fine lines and wrinkles to crows feet and hyper-pigmentation. As there are numerous peels available, there’s one to suit the needs of every skin type.

The best way to find out what skin peel is best for you is to have a consultation with a trained dermatologist. Thanks to the network of sk:n clinics throughout the country it’s never been easier to find a professional, yet friendly dermatologist that can help explain the different skin treatments to you. The Brighton Jubilee Street clinic is just one of many clinics waiting to help give you the chance to achieve clear, youthful skin that will give you added confidence.

After having a consultation, your dermatologist will be able to advise you on which peel would be most suitable for your skin. sk:n clinics offer four peels: the Jessner peel, TCA peel, Mandelic Peel and Glycolic peel. The right peel for you will depend on your skin type as well as what you are hoping to achieve. Whatever peel you choose you can be rest assured that they are all completely safe, non-toxic and with minimal after effects. There are different levels of skin peels available at our sk:n clinics and these are listed below from most gentle to slightly more intense.

Mandelic Peel

A mandelic peel is a great option for someone going for their first skin peel. It tends to be one of the more sensitive chemical peels as it’s less penetrating, whilst still being incredibly effective for improving the appearance of your skin. Due to its sensitive nature it’s advisable for those with conditions such as rosacea or with darker skin pigmentation.

Jessner Peel

Jessner peel is a light to medium peel and suitable for nearly all skin types. It is particularly good for those with oily and spot prone skin as it has a tendency to lessen oil generation.

TCA Peel

A TCA peel which stands for Trichloroacetic Acid Peel is a medium strength peel targeting multiple skin conditions. A TCA peel can help alter and fix skin discoloration as well as even out skin texture. A TCA peel will physically see your skin peeling so allow a week for this healing process.

Glycolic Peel

Glycolic acid used in a glycolic peel is obtained from sugar cane and penetrates deep into the skin exfoliating dead skin cells. It rejuvenates old skin cells for regrowth and ultimately aims to achieve a healthier appearance for your skin.

Our different peels are categorised as light, medium or deep. This refers to how deep into your skin the ingredients penetrate. Whilst light peels are suitable for treating fine lines or skin discolouration, deeper peels are necessary if you are hoping to treat acne scars or wrinkles. Whatever your skin goals, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can achieve them. If you’ve let your skin hold you back for too long why not decide to unveil and peel back the real you?

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