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By Raj Phull 28th June 2019 Category: Advice

We hear from Lorna who suffered with acne in 2018 and came to sk:n for help when her skin was affecting her confidence and became continually painful. In just 6 weeks after 3 salicylic peels Lorna saw a huge difference and her acne was almost clear.

“I visited sk:n Milton Keynes in March 2018 after I had a pretty severe acne breakout. I’ve always had hormonal acne, but I’d never had active acne on my cheeks. I’d had a stressful time at work and it suddenly broke out almost overnight.  I didn’t do anything straight away in the hope that it would clear up on its own but after 2 months it was getting worse. My skin made me feel self-conscious, and worse still it was so painful I couldn’t sleep at night as I sleep on my side. Being a makeup artist for MAC, people almost expect you to have good skin which made it even worse. I was also worried it was going to scar as I have a friend who has acne scarring because she ignored it for so long.

I booked an appointment with my GP. He changed my contraceptive pill and said I had to wait a while to see what happened. I was also prescribed an ointment, but this made no difference. I also tried antibiotics as well as facials and loads of different homecare products. None of this worked either, my skin became really dry and looking back some of the products probably made it worse. I had no idea what I was buying or putting on my skin and the cost was escalating. My skin was so congested and using so many products was not helping.

Trust the experts

As nothing seemed to be working, I knew I had to speak to a dermatologist. Before booking a consultation, I read loads of Google reviews about sk:n from existing customers which reassured me they were the experts. My expectations weren’t high and I didn’t expect it to get better, I just wanted to see a slight improvement to reduce the pain and inflammation. I knew the staff at sk:n were professionals and I trusted them completely.

Initial consultation

During my initial consultation with a dermatologist I was asked lots of questions about what I had tried previously and what products I was using. I was told to immediately stop using all of the products. They used a skin scanner to look at my skin in more detail and told me how dehydrated my skin was. I also got to see some before and after shots of other clients which was great to see.


I was prescribed various products to use at home which would also prepare my skin for the first treatment. Products included Dermaquest Hydrating B5 Serum, Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser and sk:n SPF 30. I used these throughout the treatment and still use them now.


After using the homecare products for 2 weeks, I was ready for my first treatment which was the first of a course of 3 salicylic peels. Initially the treatment felt quite uncomfortable (only for a few minutes) and felt like a burning sensation. After the treatment I had quite a lot of peeling and couldn’t wear make-up. Surprisingly this actually didn’t bother me that much, in fact it helped me to talk to people about my experience. Through my job as a make-up artist I would meet people everyday but they wanted to hear about my journey and I would show them my before pictures! And I knew the more it peeled, the more it was working so it was actually quite satisfying! The peeling lasted around 10 days from my first treatment, and my 2nd and 3rd treatment the peeling lasted around 3-5 days.

Post treatment

After just 3 salicylic peels my skin was almost blemish free, it felt soft, smooth and my friends called it my “baby skin”! Now I only have hormonal break outs on my chin and I rarely get spots on my cheeks. The treatment made such a big difference and it was totally worth it. I saw an amazing transformation with very few treatments. After 3 treatments and just 6 weeks my acne had almost gone. It was incredible and I am so happy with the results! I now feel confident and I am so surprised how far my skin has come in such a short space of time.  I acted quickly and I’m so happy that I did as now I don’t have any acne scarring. It was the best decision I made.


The service I received in the clinic was exceptional. The practitioners who carried out my treatments were so personable and their service went above and beyond. The receptionist greeted me by name and I was blown away by how comfortable they made me feel. I recommend sk:n to everyone and tell anyone I meet through my job about sk:n in the hope that they too can also benefit from sk:n treatments. sk:n totally exceeded my expectations!


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