Laser hair removal: the aftercare

By Francesca Dantonio 9th March 2014 Category: Advice

Are you new to laser hair removal? If so, below are a few hair removal laser treatment after care tips you should know about. You could also visit one of our laser hair removal clinics to get a further insight into this.

Tip 1: Take extra care of the treated areas

You are likely to feel an unusual burning sensation on your skin after any hair removal procedure, including laser hair removal procedures. One of the most fundamental things to do is to ensure you are taking extra care of the treated areas.

Applying a cold pack on the treated area, which is causing you discomfort or irritation, would be a great and safe way of protecting the treated area if necessary.

Tip 2: Avoid applying make-up on your face after treatment for at least 24 hours

Many physicians will advise you to avoid applying any make-up if you have executed laser hair removal on the facial area. This way you will allow your pores to breath and prevent them from clogging up unnecessarily after your treatment session.

Tip 3: Apply sun block in hotter weathers

Make sure you don’t forget to apply sun block if you’re exposed to a lot of sunlight. The sun block will protect skin from getting pigmentations, patchy skin or rashes from the sun exposure.

Tip 4: Be selective with the chemical based products you apply on your skin

It’s highly advisable that you stay clear of any chemical based products that will cause a bad reaction to the treated area. For example, if it’s your underarms that are being treated, then you would need to stay away from the harsh elements of underarm deodorant.

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