Case Study: Restorative Laser Hair Removal Treatment

By Nadine Eden 9th October 2019 Category: Advice

Danielle came to sk:n after she had a bad experience with laser hair removal in a London Harley Street clinic. After six sessions, Danielle saw zero improvement in the reduction of hair growth and received burns to the neck. Danielle tells us her story and how after visiting sk:n, her confidence has improved by 100%!

“I visited what I thought was a reputable clinic in London’s Harley Street and booked a laser hair removal course. I suffered with little hairs which became horribly ingrown and I was hoping the treatment would minimise hair growth and lighten some of the dark spots I had from the ingrown hairs.

After six sessions I experienced terrible burns to my neck. They were so bad, I had to cover up with loads of makeup literally all the time. I would wear a choker to cover the scarring as I was so embarrassed about how my neck looked. This really wasn’t a pleasant experience and I saw zero improvement in the reduction of hair growth.”

I looked for a skin clinic I could trust

After my terrible experience I wanted to visit a skin clinic I could trust. My Mum’s friend actually recommended sk:n and I’m so glad I took her advice. In my initial consultation the practitioner went through all of my medical information and made sure the correct laser was selected for my skin type. Before treatment she went through many different safety procedures, cleansed the skin and asked me to put goggles on to protect my eyes from the laser. I wouldn’t describe the treatment as painful, not at all. Initially you feel a little ‘zap’, but as you get used to the process, you can hardly feel it at all.

I have seen 85% hair reduction and have no ingrown hairs

I’ve had a course of 8 + 3 top up sessions and I’m going to purchase another set of 3 top up sessions. I have seen an amazing hair reduction (around 85%) and I have no ingrown hairs at all.
My scars are a lot lighter than they were before and I don’t feel self-conscious if I don’t wear makeup on that area.

My treatment has been life changing

After visiting sk:n I am super happy with the results! My results have been insane and I can’t rave about sk:n enough. My treatment has literally been life changing and has improved my confidence by 100%! I recommend sk:n all the time, I have told so many of my friends about sk:n’s laser hair removal treatments.

Friendly and professional service

I have always received friendly and professional service at Epsom and Clapham sk:n clinics. My advice to people when considering laser hair removal… give it a try! It really is amazing. And make sure you pick a reputable company like sk:n”.

Before & After Restorative Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Trust the experts at sk:n

Our highly trained team of laser hair removal practitioners know that darker skin tones can be more sensitive and reactive to treatments. Therefore we always ensure a thorough consultation before any treatment. With laser hair removal, we need to ensure that we protect the skin’s darker pigment whilst achieving the best possible results.

Selecting the correct laser for darker skin tones

At sk:n we pride ourselves not only on the expertise of our practitioners, but the high-tech equipment and products we use to treat our clients. For darker skin tones, we can use specific lasers. One of our lasers called the Nd Yag is specifically designed to bypass the surface of the skin and targets the melanin in the root of the hair. This laser can also be really effective for ingrown hairs as it straightens the hair (a very popular choice for males with beards).

To find out more about our laser hair removal treatments and courses visit our dedicated treatment page.

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