Skn Clinics are rated 4.7 out of 5 for Thread Lifts based on 307 reviews across all our clinics.

Professional staff

Excellent services throughout my visit

Don't know anyone who would be interested in any SK;N procedures.

I’ve had six treatments for my rosacea now, and the results are quite remarkable. Depending on the severity of the visible blood vessels, it can be a moderately long process. But I urge anyone thinking of having this treatment to be patient, it’s well worth it. I used to get quite depressed, because I thought I was stuck with my rosacea for life. But the team at SK:N have done a wonderful job, it pays to go with specialists that know their profession.

During my last laser treatment at James Cook, I felt as though the person performing the laser treatment didn’t know what she was doing and it really frustrated me. I have paid £660 for 3 sessions to reduce the redness caused by keratosis pilaris all over my face and I felt dissatisfied and walked away feeling as though the job had only been half completed. It would be nice to have more conversations with the staff to understand what is being done

Friendly and efficient staff

More information about after treatment. Provision of robes during treatment.

Improved communication from first contact to first appointment

Efficient and I felt well informed

The staff are all great and make you feel good about your treatment

More time in appointments

Staff and welcoming and friendly, but pricing systems could be clearer. Sitting in the waiting room listening, a lot of people seem confused by the deposit system and what it collects Nd when it’s used. This could be a lot clearer.

Simple to book, easy initial consultation, quick but thorough treatment

Good professional services & staff

Local telephone number please. Your call centre is terrible.

Friendly and efficient now that computer appointment system has been sorted. Clean environment and easy to park.

Friendly, efficient, polite staff. Shop was clean and relaxing. Could get times in the evening when it was convenient.

You were sympathetic and explained really well the treatment and it's implications. Very easy to do business with too.

Very good service from the staff and especially from Doctor J. Halfhide.

Very welcoming and efficient service. Knowledgable staff

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