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sk:n recommends: www.skinacea.com

8th October 2014

sk:n is always looking out for new online skincare resources to share with fellow beauty enthusiasts. We've recently discovered www.skinacea.com.

The site provides a plethora of articles focused on providing users with skincare advice. The homepage itself doesn't hide behind flashy headlines or tabloid style stories about celebrities' beauty faux-pas. The site is all about giving people useful information, and provides the latest articles straight away.

The navigation is also clear and straightforward, separating the most important sections (e.g. Acne, How to guides, facial procedures, etc).

Acne Face Map

One section that stood out was the acne face map (can be found on the main side-navigation bar). The page is interactive and provides a guide to the possible causes of acne at different areas of the face.

Below this there is a guide to possible 'solutions' to acne for each area. Although this provides detailed content that can users can try, any at-home treatments for your skin should be discussed with a dermatologist. If you are particularly prone to acne breakouts, talking to a qualified specialist is the best way to find the appropriate treatment for you your skin.

What's your skin type?


Another one of their impressive sections was the page that goes through the various skin types there are, why your skin is like that and ways to deal with it. It's useful to know your skin type as it will mean you spend less money on skincare products that are completely unsuitable for you.

A dermatologist will be able to advise you on what products you should be avoiding and what treatments would be appropriate for you. Never try any procedures before consulting a qualified specialist.

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