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Developing Skin Tags During Pregnancy

2nd June 2013

We're all getting excited as it's not long until the birth of the royal baby. If you're also expecting then you may be experiencing the same worries and body changes as Kate Middleton. Stretch marks, weight gain, increase in hormones, oily skin and breast growth are all regular changes experienced during pregnancy. However, some changes are less common than others, which might make you more worried when they crop up. Remember to always ask questions, as a lot of things are likely to be more common than first anticipated.

Some women develop skin tags during pregnancy when their skin rubs together. Skin tags, are little ‘extra’ pieces of skin that appear as small bumps. During pregnancy they are likely to appear on your arms, groin or boobs. They are smooth and soft in appearance and hanging off the skin and appear individually in different areas. Although they can be a little unsightly if they appear in an obvious area, the only problem they cause is catching on clothes causing them to bleed.

How to Remove Skin Tags

The good news is that these bumps are harmless and can be removed immediately after pregnancy. If you think you have skin tags make sure you don't remove them yourself and ensure you visit a skin expert. Arrange an appointment with a dermatologist, as the size and the position of the tag will help to determine the best way to remove the skin tag. Don't worry the procedure is done under local anaesthetic and you won't feel any pain.

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