Keeping It tight - Get firm and tight skin

6th May 2012  : 

Loose skin can feel like a hard-to-beat problem for many people at some stage in life, particular as we grow older.As we age, we all lose some of the natural elasticity in our skin, as collagen levels gradually drop. The result can be skin that appears unappealing loose and saggy, which can be a particular issue around the chin, on the upper arms and on the thighs. Loose, saggy skin may also be the case where someone has undergone some weight loss. In many cases, sk:n clinics can help tighten loose skin through expert treatments.

If you have ever wondered how to get rid of a double chin, the answer may well be through great dermatology. sk:n clinics offer a range of fast, safe and highly effective skin tightening treatments. One involves using a high-intensity light from a laser beam, which stimulates and boosts collagen production. Another new method is Thermage®, a non-invasive procedure that tightens and contours the skin in one session. It involves the use of high-frequency radio waves to warm the deepest layers of skin. This also results in the greater production of collagen. With both sk:n treatments, the end result is smoother, line-free skin which looks and feels tighter and more firm.

These treatments only take a relatively short time to carry out but the effects can be long-lasting and may be even more outstanding after a series of treatments at a sk:n clinics. They produce wonderfully natural-looking results and give clients a far fresher, more youthful appearance afterwards.

In order to fully understand the best approach to tackling unsightly loose skin once and for all, simply contact your nearest sk:n clinics who will happily offer friendly, expert advice as part of a free, no-obligation consultation.

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