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What The Media Say About sk:n

"At sk:n, they've got caring for skin down to a real science, to help not only educate people about their skin, but to help treat and prevent certain skin problems... Having my skin assessed has certainly made me think more about my daily regime, and will lead me to take better care of it." Anna Magee, Red

"After just one treatment with new Accent, which applies radio frequency to areas where fat won't shift, the spongy flesh at the top of my butt and thighs was tighter and I was inviting touch tests from colleagues!" Lucy Wood, Metro

"After six sessions over six months, I can say that my armpits are smooth with not a hair in sight, nor one expected for, well, possibly ever... Now I can put my hands in the air on the dancefloor without a second thought." Pearl Lowe, celebrity fashion designer

"With the industry I work in, it is so important to have great-looking skin, and sk:n offers fantastic treatments and products that ensure my skin always looks smooth and flawless."

I love cosmetics

I Love Cosmetics is a blog ran by Sarah and she recently took the opportunity to undergo laser hair removal treatment.

"I would definitely say that I felt safe having a treatment done in this clinic as there were lots of forms, the surroundings were like a posh doctors office and everything was spotlessly clean."

Read her part one of her story here and her follow up post here.

Flaws and All

A client reveals her expierence of sk:n products. Find out more information by reading the full post below.

Holly Arabella

"As soon as I walked into the clinic I felt relaxed, it is such a tranquil atmosphere! After booking myself in at the reception, I was sat down on comfortable chairs and given a medical form to fill out."

If you want to read more about Holly Arabella's experience at sk:n click here.

skin scrubs blog

Everyone wants to find out about the latest and greatest product on the market.

Read this brilliant review about sk:n's anti-blemish intense spot lotion.

"This is my second product from Sk:n that I’ve tried and I have to say I’m super impressed."

Read the full article here

Lets make u up blog

sk:n Aloe Vera Gel

Curiosity leaves one person amazed by trying sk:n Aloe Vera gel. It seems to have done the job, so why not give it a go!

“...all of a sudden, my itching has stopped, my redness has gone down, I don't feel any pain "

To find out more click here

i heart cosmetics

Laser Hair Removal is the safest way to remove hair

Research from one of the UK’s leading skin clinics has demonstrated having pro laser hair removing is easily the most successful and trusty means of dumping unwelcome body hair

it’s not just the women that are utilizing the treatment... more men are choosing the procedure and kissing their razors goodbye. "

To find out more click here

smooth away blog

Laser Hair Removal:Treatment 1

Sarah is surprised with how fast and how much less it hurt then she thought

I was in and out of SK:N in 15 minutes and that included me confirming my future appointments with the receptionist."

To find out more click here

spa traveller blog

The Search for Perfect Skin

Laura tells us expensive facials were not worth the investment and turns to sk:n

I decided to call in the experts at sk:n as I needed results – and quick. "

To find out more click here

dolce vanity

sk:n Laser Hair Removal Consultation

First setting-felt nothing, second setting-still nothing, third setting..really still nothing!” 

Laalaa Monroe tells us her experience after visiting one of our sk:n clinics

To read more click here

beauty geek uk

Laser Hair Removal at sk:n

I'm relieved pleased to report that it really isn't anything to complain about and is much more tolerable (and quicker) than the feeling of waxing.

To read more click here

Annabella’s review – Sk:n Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for normal skin

‘Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate’

this has no visible grit or scrubby bits, the magic is in the Glycolic Acid. You don’t need much of this cleanser, so this 200ml bottle will last you a long time"

To find out more click here

 Read more about
sk:n Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for Normal skin

Tacky Blue Eyeshadow

Does exactly what it says!

Impressed with the simple use of sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser

I think it's a really nice cleanser, which does exactly what it's meant to"

To find out more click here

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sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser

Make up to make out

Exfoliating Glycolic Peel

A look through the skin scanner spots the real damage

Treatment only took about 15 minutes and didn't feel uncomfortable at all; it just tickled slightly at the very most"

To find out more click here

r uv ugly

Family and Friends encourage youngsters to risk health for sunbed glow

Using sunbeds for the first time before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, by 75%

To read more click here

Serenity of Beauty

Improvement in just 4+ weeks

Cas is impressed to see an improvement in her skin

I have been using this product for the past 4+weeks, and I have to say I have noticed an improvement in my skin.

To find out more click here

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sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser

Laser thread vein removal

Laser Thread Vein Removal

“Oh, thank God for that. OOOOOooooohhhh where’s it gone?!”

Recent customer at sk:n cannot believe its gone within just 16days and pain free!

To read more click here


botox treatment

Botox Treatment

Fantastic clinic, very professional and welcoming. Everything is clear, nothing is pressurised and most importantly they are highly experienced.”

A very pleased customer left sk:n seeing the difference within 7days, and left with the smoothest skin she had felt in years. 

To read more on this review click here


princess livia

Amazing sk:n Care Produts!

Impressed with the simple use of sk:n branded products.

one word – Fabulous!” Livia, 13th Dec 2011

To read more click here

Pure Beauty Silver Award

Award Winning Produts!

sk:n launched its new range of specially formulated skin care products in July and have already won an award!

Sk:n's suncreen SPF50 has won the Silver Award for

"Best Sun Care Launch"

as voted by the readers of Pure Beauty.

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