Tighten the skin and improve the appearance of scars and pigmentation with this new, innovative rejuvenation treatment.

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  • Procedure follows strict medical protocols
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Tixel is a new rejuvenation treatment which can be used to tighten the skin, improve the appearance of scars and help absorption of topical products. It uses a heated metal plate to deliver heat energy directly to the skin’s surface.

Tixel rejuvenation treatment is currently only available at our Cardiff Charles Street clinic with Dr Harryono Judodihardjo.


During your consultation, your practitioner will discuss your needs and assess your suitability for treatment so that your treatment can achieve your desired results.


The effects of Tixel treatment will vary according to the settings of the treatment.

There are three main settings: ablative, non-ablative and ‘open channel.’ The most intensive treatment is ablative, then non-ablative, and open channel is the mildest. It works in a similar way to laser resurfacing or a chemical peel by destroying damaged skin cells, encouraging new cell turnover and harnessing the skin’s natural healing process.


Just before the treatment, your skin will be cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. Once the machine has reached the operating temperature, the treatment can begin.

A small, hot metal plate (about 1x1cm) featuring tiny pyramidal shapes, will be applied to your skin repeatedly all over, until your entire face has been treated. Each time the plate touches your face, it will only come into contact with the skin for between 6 and 18 thousandths of a second. This is so quick that even before your nerves can register the heat, the hot metal plate will have been withdrawn. Treating your entire face usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.


Prices for Tixel start from £300 but exact costs will be discussed at your consultation


There are 3 types of Tixel treatments


This setting gives the most effective results for skin tightening and scar treatment.

At this level, the skin will develop small amount of crusting post-treatment that may take about one week to clear. However, after two days this crusting can be covered with good-quality makeup. The result of ablative treatment will be similar to a deep chemical peel or fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment.


This treatment setting is able to provide the same skin tightening results as the ablative treatment, but will require more treatment sessions.

This setting is suitable for patients who cannot take any time off work to recover, as it’s safe to apply your usual make-up immediately after treatment. The skin tightening result of non-ablative treatment will be like a medium-depth chemical peel, but without the recovery time.


This setting is useful for treating skin pigmentations like melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Tixel will make the skin porous for about six hours, thus allowing topical treatments to penetrate the skin more effectively.


Does the treatment hurt?

This treatment is reasonably comfortable and generally no anaesthetic is needed. If you are very sensitive to pain, taking some over-the-counter pain relief before having the treatment should suffice. Most clients do not require any pain relief.

Are there any side affects?

If you have the ablative treatment, the treated area may swell and become red for a few days or weeks. You may also experience some crusting of the skin, but this is nothing to worry about and is part of the healing process.

Is this treatment right for me?

The best way to find out if this treatment is suitable for you is to book a consultation. Our experts will be able to assess your skin and determine whether Tixel is the best option, or if something else might be more effective.

What happens after treatment?

Your skin may feel sore and sensitive after treatment and you should avoid touching the treated area to minimise the chance of infection. You may also experience some crusting/scabbing of the skin. Allow the crusting to fall off by itself over the course of a week or so and follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your practitioner.


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