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Suitable for all skin types


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To get the best results from HydraFacial, we recommend buying a package and having treatment around once a month. For your bespoke treatment plan and pricing, book your free consultation.

HydraFacial is available at sk:n clinics nationwide, including:

Bluewater in Kent, Bristol, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Edinburgh, Esher, Epsom, Glasgow, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Nantwich, Northampton, Nottingham, Plymouth, Watford, Windsor

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Consultations for HydraFacial with a skin practitioner are free at sk:n, subject to £25 being held against your card to secure your booking.



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HydraFacial platinum £170
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HydraFacial Platinum x 3 - £159 per treatment Plus Icon
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(Offer) 3 x HydraFacial platinum £478
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HydraFacial Platinum x 6 - £149 per treatment Plus Icon
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(Offer) 6 x HydraFacial platinum £895
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HydraFacial Platinum x 12 - £139 per treatment Plus Icon
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(Offer) 12 x HydraFacial platinum £1536
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HydraFacial sk:n signature £136
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(Offer) 3 x HydraFacial sk:n signature £391
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HydraFacial sk:n Signature x 6 - £125 per treatment Plus Icon
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(Offer) 6 x HydraFacial sk:n signature £751
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The sk:n promise

Our mission to deliver confidence through better skin is at the heart of everything we do. Our promise to you:

  • Award-winning, unrivalled medical expertise. No one has more consultants, doctors and clinical expertise than sk:n, so no other dermatology provider comes close.
  • Outstanding approach to client care for over 30 years. We’ve consistently delivered unrivalled, personalised client care, that’s always right for our clients. If you have a concern, you can trust us to solve it.
  • Standards you can trust. Our market-leading medical, safety and training protocols and strict industry regulation means you can trust that your safety and care is our priority.
  • We are the UK’s leading skin clinics. We’ve treated millions of clients, improving their self-confidence for the better – with some life-changing results.


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  • More than 450 consultants, doctors, nurses and medical practitioners
  • Regulated by the Care Quality Commission, Health Inspectorate Wales and Health Improvement Scotland
  • Partner of the NHS
  • Rated excellent by our clients on Trustpilot
  • Strict safety and care protocols


Frequently asked questions


What is HydraFacial?

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HydraFacial is much more than a facial. It’s an experience which focuses on the unique philosophy and six steps of HydraFacial Platinum. Steps include detox, cleansing and exfoliating, brightening agent, extraction, hydration and rejuvenation.

What does a HydraFacial treatment cost?

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Prices for HydraFacial start from £50 for HydraFacial Perk lip or eye, and from £135 for a facial. If you book a course, you can save up to 20%, and prices start from £108 for a facial.

How many HydraFacial treatments do I need?

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Unlike other treatments, you can enjoy HydraFacial as often as once a week for more noticeable results. We know that cost can be prohibitive, so we recommend a treatment every 2-4 weeks for the best results, or just once a month if you prefer.

What is a HydraFacial good for?

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HydraFacial is designed to treat dry, dull, congested, tired-looking skin. It’s also good for mild to medium cases of acne, and pigmentation. How HydraFacial can help you will be discussed in your consultation.

How often should you have a HydraFacial?

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We advise at least monthly, but if you want to see more long-lasting results you can have treatment once a week or once a fortnight if you wished.

How long do HydraFacial results last?

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You will see “that glow” instantly and your skin will become progressively better after each treatment.

How does HydraFacial feel?

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HydraFacial is painless, comfortable and clients often express how refreshed their skin feels afterwards. It is a relaxing but effective treatment, which restores and rebuilds the health of your skin, giving you immediate, visible results.

What aftercare is needed after HydraFacial?

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Your practitioner will advise you how to look after your skin, not only after treatment, but every day.

Everyone should always protect their skin from damaging UVA and B, so we suggest wearing a sunscreen of at least an SPF30 every single day. We also recommend double cleansing, a hydrating B5, corrective and preventative serums such as vitamin C, and vitamin A at night. Your practitioner will recommend the right skincare plan for you during your appointment.

Are there any side effects of HydraFacial?

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Side effects are minimal but you may see some mild peeling after a few days. This is completely normal and is a sign that the treatment is working. Your practitioner will talk through what to expect during your consultation.

Can HydraFacial be combined with other treatments?

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Yes, HydraFacial is a great treatment to add into your regular skincare and treatment plan, can be combined with many of our popular treatments such as anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers.

Is HydraFacial safe?

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Yes, it is completely safe. Our practitioners go through the most thorough training in the industry and all treatments are approved by our Medical Standards Team.

Is HydraFacial suitable for men?

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Of course. HydraFacial is most popular treatment among our male clients who tend to like treatments which give consistent results with no downtime and they can see a difference instantly.

Is HydraFacial suitable for acne?

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Acne is one of the most common skin problems we see at sk:n. HydraFacial Acne includes a glysal peel which will regulate oil levels caused by excess sebum, and the blue LED step may help to calm the skin and improve acne symptoms.

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