Thread Vein Removal in Chester

Thread veins are small clusters of red or blue veins that typically appear on the face or legs. Hormonal changes, sun-damage, rosacea, alcohol and smoking can all exacerbate the appearance of thread veins and they tend to affect people in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

At sk:n Chester we offer a variety of treatments and products that will effectively reduce the appearance of thread veins… whilst we understand that they are completely harmless, they can leave people feeling very self-conscious. Our mission at sk:n Chester is to help you discover better skin!


  • The most effective proven treatment. It breaks down unwanted veins using pulses of laser light
  • Only unwanted veins are targeted therefore surrounding skin is unharmed
  • Face, neck and legs can all be treated using laser therapy
  • After one – three treatments unwanted veins will be visibly reduced by as much as 75%


  • We work with more leading Consultants, Doctors, Nurses and Practitioners than any other UK chain of clinics
  • We have the most advanced technologies and offer the most effect treatments all in a highly clinical and results driven environment

The team at Chester, led by the Medical Director, Dr Reza Nassab look forward to welcoming you to the newest sk:n clinic!