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What do you do when your body art doesn't look the way you wanted it to look?Perhaps you had something different in mind to what the artist produced? At sk:n we have the most advanced laser technology in the industry for tattoo removal.  Take a look at why our clients chose us to help them find their true skin:

  • Most regulated chain of clinics
  • Most medically referred clinic than any other in the industry
  • Over 14,000 treated with us last year for tattoo removal

With over 25 years partnership with the NHS, and first chain of nationwide clinics to be registered with 'Treatments You Can Trust', you can be sure to receive the best treatment in the industry.


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Treatment at a glance

  • Permanent results
  • Best results are achieved through 10-12 treatments
  • Costs as low as £55
  • There are low risk complications. Any suntan or sun-exposure MUST be declared
  • Recovery time after tattoo removal treatment is between 3-4 days
  • Treatment can be done in your lunch break in as little as 10 minutes
  • Treatment carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner, nurse or doctor

come and Meet us

Our NEW London Clinic Hampstead sk:n, is located a stones throw away from Hampstead tube station 5 Holly Hill at the end of Hampstead High Street.  The easiest way to travel direct to our clinic is by taking the tube for the Edgware branch of the Northern line. Alternatively on street parking is available within close proximity of the clinic just a few minutes walk away on surrounding streets.

What our clients have said about sk:n..

My tattoo's looked great when I was younger! but now that I'm older the tattoo has faded and has lost its shape. I have fantastic results from my treatment at sk:n!

My friend recommended me to sk:n after he decided to have his tattoo removed. The results looked fantastic and after my consultation last week I can't wait to begin my course!


You will be treated by one of our highly trained medical experts at out new clinic. Watch this space as we'll be publishing their biographies very soon!

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Visit our Clinic Page to find out more, or even better, come and see us any day of the week; we're open from 9am most days with hours extending up to 9pm.

HOW does treatment for tattoo work?

For tattoo removal, a Q-Switched laser is used to send short pulses of high energy light which is absorbed by the ink of the tattoo. This shatters the ink into fragments which are then disposed of by the body's immune system.

Is it safe and will it hurt?

Using a laser on your skin can sound worrying and you wonder if its safe, however we can assured you that we have over 25 years experience in treating all sorts of skin concerns with laser therapy.  We also are registered with 'Treatments You Can Trust' and are in partnership with the NHS. The laser is also designed to target the ink specifically leaving the skin around it untouched.

Most laser treatments are explained as feeling similar to the flicking of an elastic band.  Any stinging sensation can be reduced significantly through an application of anaesthetic cream to the area. There may also be some redness and heat from the skin but this should only last a few hours.

What results can I expect? 

During a consultation we will talk over the treatment and a recommended course that would best achieve results, this is usually a course of 10-12 with 4-12 weeks for healing time between each session. This is an opportunity for you to talk about any concerns you have and we will try our best to accommodate.


Occasionally for reasons we currently are not sure of, a ghosting effect may be still visible at the end of your treatment. It could however be the result of the type of ink used not being susceptible to the laser or down to how deep the ink has penetrated into the layers of the skin. It is relatively common after treatment for the skin to appear lighter or darker but this should adjust itself back to normal within a few months.

Where can I have treatment?

You may be surprised to know that tattoo removal can be done anywhere on the body!  Our doctors have the highest medical training and expertise to treat all areas, even those hard to reach!


  • More lasers than any other provider combined
  • Growing steadily as word of out expertise grows
  • Trusted by the NHS
  • Most advanced laser removal technology
  • We have treated over 65,000 clients for tattoo removal in the last 5 years
  • Strict medical protocols for every treatment

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