Tattoo Removal Treatments in Dartford

What do you do when your body art doesn't look the way you wanted it to look? Perhaps you had something different in mind to what the artist produced? At sk:n we have the most advanced laser technology in the industry for tattoo removal

Why visit Dartford sk:n clinic for tattoo removal;

  • FREE parking and accessible location within Bluewater shopping centre
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Medical protocols for every treatment administered
  • All training has a medical foundation and is overseen by a Medical Director in each clinic
  • sk:n is fully registered with the 'Care Quality Commission' and was the first nationwide network of clinics to be registered with 'Treatments You Can Trust'. We have also been in partnership with the NHS for over 25 years as recognised in-house laser experts for dermatology treatments.

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Our Dartford clinic is located within Bluewater, Kent. Free parking is available and disabled access is also provided. Open until 9pm, the clinic offers accessible and convenient appointments with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists. 

What our clients have said about sk:n...

My tattoo's looked great when I was younger! but now that I'm older the tattoo has faded and has lost its shape. I have fantastic results from my treatment at sk:n!

Darren K, Manchester

My friend recommended me to sk:n after he decided to have his tattoo removed. The results looked fantastic and after my consultation last week I can't wait to begin my course!

Lisa T, Bristol


  • Permanent results
  • Best results are achieved through 10-12 treatments
  • Costs as low as £55
  • There are low risk complications. Any suntan or sun-exposure MUST be declared
  • Recovery time after tattoo removal treatment is between 3-4 days
  • Treatment can be done in your lunch break in as little as 10 minutes
  • Treatment carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner, nurse or doctor


You will be treated by one of our highly trained medical experts at out new clinic. Watch this space as we'll be publishing their biographies very soon!

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HOW does treatment for tattoo work?

sk:n uses a specialist laser to break down the particles of ink in the skin, which disperses them and allows the body to target the fragments for disposal by the immune system. The body then removes the fragments resulting in a gradual fading of your tattoo.

Is it safe and will it hurt?

Most laser treatments feel like an elastic band being flicked at the skin followed by a stinging sensation which can be softened by the application of an anaesthetic cream shortly before treatment. Some people find that they experience redness and feeling of heat radiating from the area, but this should subside within a few hours. Our specialist lasers are designed to target the pigmentation of the ink in the skin ensuring no damage is done to the surrounding skin.

What results can I expect?

Optimum results are achieved through a course average of 10 to 12 treatments, with 4-12 weeks healing time between each session. When you book a consultation to see us for tattoo removal we will advise you on how many treatments we feel you will need. Our aim is to remove the tattoo in its entirety but occasionally for reasons we are unsure of, perhaps due to variances in inks used or the penetration of the ink into deeper skin layers, sometimes a ghosting effect is left behind.


Some clients will experience a darkening or lightening to the skin after treatment has finished but this is relatively brief and should disappear within a few months. If however darkening does remain, sk:n does offer various treatments to help blend the tone to match the surrounding skin.

Where can I have treatment?

Depending on where the tattoo is on your body will depend on who you will see for treatment. If the tattoo is located on the face, head or neck area you will be consulted and treated by a doctor as this is a sensitive area which must be treated with care. Most other areas of the body are treated by a medically trained sk:n Practitioner meaning that tattoo removal can be carried out anywhere on the body.

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