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Find confidence in your skin with tattoo removal. The laser specialists at sk:n offer the safest, most effective laser tattoo removal.

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Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way of permanently removing unwanted tattoos. At sk:n Chelmsford, we use the latest and most advanced medical-grade laser technology to remove tattoo ink including Pico, proven to be safer and more effective than other treatments such as creams. With our industry-leading clinical training and safety programmes, you can trust sk:n is the best and safest place for tattoo removal.

Book a consultation with the tattoo removal experts at sk:n Chelmsford to find out if laser treatment is suitable for you. Our clinics are both easily accessible; one by the Bullring, and the other just outside of the city centre in Edgbaston.

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laser tattoo removal before Before
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The UK’s leading laser, dermatology and skin clinics

Delivering outstanding, personalised service for over 30 years

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Frequently asked questions

How does laser tattoo removal work?

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Lasers remove tattoos by safely applying intense light to the pigment and breaking up the ink into tiny particles. After several treatments (with regular intervals between sessions), the body breaks down and removes the pigment in the tattoo, causing it to fade.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

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Unfortunately, no method of tattoo removal is completely pain-free. It’s similar to the feeling of having a rubber band repeatedly flicked against the skin. Others describe it as a rapid succession of sharp pinpricks, or a warm, prickly sensation. Because a lot of energy is needed in order for the laser to break up the ink particles under your skin, laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable for some people, so we offer cooling spray and aloe vera gel to calm the skin post-treatment, and SPF to protect the area. Your skin will also need 6 – 12 weeks to properly recover between treatments.

How long does it take to remove a tattoo with lasers?

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A course of 6-10 treatments is often enough to remove the tattoo, depending on the colour and depth of the ink, and the location and age of the tattoo.

How do I know if tattoo removal is suitable for me?

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Laser tattoo removal may not be suitable for you if you have a dark skin tone; this is due to the potential of the treatment leaving a ‘ghosting’ effect, where the skin is left lighter than the surrounding area. During your consultation, our tattoo experts will assess your tattoo and determine which solution is most appropriate for you. In some cases, the most appropriate form of removal for a tattoo could be excision. This involves having the tattoo surgically removed using a scalpel, with a local anaesthetic applied. Although more invasive, it can sometimes be the most effective solution and may also be quicker.

I want to fade my tattoo so I can change the design or add colour. How many treatments will I need?

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A tattoo can be faded adequately and re-covered after a couple of sessions. Your practitioner will be able to advise how many sessions you are likely to need during your consultation.

I’ve had my tattoo done recently. Is it easier to remove?

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The ink particles of the tattoo are normally injected deep into the dermis (the second layer of skin). In order to reverse this process effectively, the pigment within the skin needs to be broken down using targeted lasers. It isn’t necessarily the case that if you have a change of heart shortly after getting your tattoo, it is easier to remove.

Is tattoo removal safe?

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Yes, it’s very safe. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink only, meaning that surrounding tissues are not affected and there is no lasting damage to the skin. At sk:n, we operate within the strictest safety and medical protocols, so you can trust you’re in the safest hands at sk:n.

What’s the difference between laser tattoo removal and other methods?

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At sk:n we remove tattoos either with medical-grade lasers, or excision, which is delivered by a doctor, depending on the tattoo or skin type. We do not recommend the following methods of tattoo removal because they can cause scarring and have a high risk of infection.

  • Tattoo removal creams – these work by dissolving the tattoo using chemicals such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, alpha arbutin and TCA. They cannot completely remove a tattoo, but may reduce its appearance in some cases.
  • Dermabrasion tattoo removal – this involves using an abrasive device to blast the surface of the skin in order to break down the tattoo and remove the top layers of skin. A local anaesthetic is usually administered as this is a painful method of removal.
  • Salabrasion – this works in a similar way to dermabrasion but involves applying water and salt in addition to an abrasive device in order to lift and remove layers of skin.
  • Acid tattoo removal – some people are now using acids, similar to those used in chemical skin peels, to burn away layers of the skin in order to get rid of their tattoos. Many health professionals strongly advise against this method.

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