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Skin Peels in Clinics vs Home

Skin peels are a non-invasive method of rejuvenating and improving the appearance of your skin. Using special chemicals, skin peels, also known as chemical peels, work to remove the uppermost layer of your skin, letting the smoother layers below shine through. If you like how your skin feels after using your favourite home exfoliator, but want something more, then skin peels could be just what you are looking for.

Skin peels can have a variety of beneficial effects on the appearance of your skin including wrinkle reduction, exfoliation, improved appearance of acne scars, and reduction in dull, discoloured and blotchy patches.

Where to Go for Chemical Peels?

Skin peeling at home does have its benefits. You can perform the skin peel as and when is convenient for you, and it can be cheaper. However, skin peels in clinics also have their advantages. Skin peels vary in terms of the chemicals used from simple citric acid peels to pore-penetrating salicylic acid peels to deep phenol peels. Some such chemical peels simply are not available for home use.

The right skin peel for you depends on your own complexion, skin type and the aim of your facial peel. Trained clinicians can assess the condition of your skin and recommend the particular peel that will best give you the effect that you desire.


Another important consideration is the fact that complications may arise during skin peels if the chemicals are improperly applied or used. Experienced clinicians will know what risks to watch for and what to do if something goes wrong. They can also advise you on exactly what you can expect after your skin peel so that you have peace of mind.

At a clinic, rather than having to perform your chemical peels yourself, you can simply relax and let a professional, experienced clinician give your skin the expert treatment it deserves.



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