Dermatology Treatments At sk:n

Do you have a skin concern but are you unsure of who to turn to?

Here at sk:n we are honoured to boast that we work with some of the UK’s leading consultant dermatologists, and across our 36 nationwide clinics we have more medical practitioners than any other dermatology service provider.

It can be difficult finding the right type of help when you have skin concern you would like to treat.  At sk:n you can rest assured you are seeing the Nation’s skin experts – offering over 200 skin treatments, as well as prescription medication for skin conditions that your GP might not be able to prescribe for you.  Call us on 0800 028 3305 to find out more about our dermatology services and how we can help you.

  • More consultant dermatologists and doctors on-hand than any other skincare provider
  • More NHS referrals, with over 20 years working in partnership
  • We use only the highest-grade products and most advanced technologies on the market
  • Treatments and solutions suitable for a wide range of skin types and conditions
  • Treatments administered by medical experts according to strict medical protocols
  • Conditions assessed and treated in as little as two weeks. No need to wait
  • No other skincare provider is more highly regulated, exceeding all governmental requirements


"I’d tried various creams, washes, home remedies, medication and nothing seemed to work. I’d started to lose hope." - Margerat. S (London)

"I’ve suffered with rosacea for the last six years. After trying countless over-the-counter products and endless trips to my GP, I thought I’d be stuck with a red, irritated face for good. A friend recommended seeing a private dermatologist as a last resort. The doctor at sk:n really helped me understand the triggers behind my rosacea and alternative treatments. Through a mix of Laser Treatment, Medical Grade Peels and sk:n products, I finally feel my skin is under control." - Catherine. W (London)