20% off mole removal treatments

A common mole is a coloured spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. The medical term for moles is melanocytic naevi and most adults usually have between 10 and 40 on their body. Although common moles may be present at birth, they usually appear later in childhood and increase during teenage years. During pregnancy moles often get darker and they can fade away completely from around the age of 50.

Why have your mole removal?

  • Don’t spend unnecessary hours worrying whether your moles are normal 
  • Bite the bullet and get your moles checked in a convenient, quick, comfortable environment.
  • No waiting time or prolonging the process 
  • We can check, remove and biopsy your mole in under two weeks. Put your mind at rest as soon as possible.
  • Wear what you want and feel great
  • Don’t let visible moles dictate your wardrobe.
  • Give your confidence a boost 
  • Visible moles can lower self-esteem. Enjoy the confidence of having a clearer complexion. 
  • No more snagging or catching
  • Protruding moles can catch on loose clothing or jewellery. Not just a nuisance, it can be painful and embarrassing.
  • No more catching with your razor when shaving
  • Catching moles when shaving is a real problem. Remove the problem to enjoy a pain and cut free quicker shave.

terms and conditions

  • This promotion entitles recipients of the email to 20% off* mole removal
  • 20% off applies to the excision, shave and curretage methods.  
  • A chargeable consultation will also apply.  
  • The promotion is specific to the recipient of the offer from sk:n and is non-transferrable.
  • Details of the person redeeming the offer may be checked against postal, email and text distribution lists at the point of booking or attending the clinic.   The offer should not be forwarded or shared with another person in any way.
  • Offer is valid from 11th May- 9th June 2015.
  • Initial consultation must be made by 9th June 2015.  First treatment must be taken by 23rd June 2015.  
  • Standard sk:n terms and conditions apply