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Moles on Minors

Caused by the clustering of the cells that produce skin pigmentation, moles on children often cause worry or embarrassment. From paediatric dermatology care to minor procedures for cosmetic reasons, you will want to seek help for your child's delicate skin.

Are your child's moles growing, changing shape or behaving oddly? Your first port of call needs to be a medical professional, who can assess the risks and advise you best course of action. Sometimes removal and biopsy will be advised, other times the professional will be satisfied that the mole is benign.

But even benign moles can cause your child bother. Some children suffer excessive or extra-large moles on the skin, which can lead to low self-esteem. You might be considering mole removal, but are anxious to ensure the treatment is safe, effective and as pain-free as possible. So, where do you start?

The type of procedure will vary according to the type of mole to be removed, but there are various options on offer. Laser treatment is a popular, effective technique which works particularly well on children's moles, as they tend to be smaller than those on adults. The procedure may cause some pain though, so it is important that the person carrying out the treatment is a trained professional. The sensation is like exposing the affected skin to very strong sunlight, but expert practitioners will have techniques to reduce the discomfort. Afterwards, the area will need to be protected with a dressing for a few days, and may feel a little tender. A high sunscreen will be needed for six months or so after treatment, as the skin left behind will be more sensitive than usual.

The results will surprise you. No more humiliating moles for your child, resulting in a much more confident young person.


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